Larfleeze's Oath?

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Is this Legit?

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wikipedia has written in their larfleeze article under oath the following: This power is Mine, this is my light be it in Bright of Day, or Black of Night I Lay claim to all that falls within my sight To take what I want, That is my right. Is that legit?

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This power is mine, this is my light.

Be it in bright of day or black of night.

I lay claim to all that falls within my sight.

To take what i want... THAT IS MY RIGHT yes its correct

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What I googled didn't make much sense-

Whats mine is mine and mine and mine

And mine and mine and mine!

Not yours!

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the official oath was revealed in the final issue of "the wrath of the first lantern" story.

"Whats mine is mine,

and mine and mine and mine,

and mine and mine,


the other one was a fan created oath

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