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Grammatically Questionable!

Taking a good look at larfleeze, one would really think that he doesn't really deserve a series of his own? But with one dimensional characters a writer has a lot of freedom to add layers to this specific characters background and personality. Last issue we've received some pretty interesting revelations about Larfsleezes character, which made clear to me that there was more to him than meets the eye.

I'd like to start by saying that even if the story lacked any depth to it I would have still enjoyed the series very much, considering that it's just damn fun as hell. The first few pages were actually pretty hilarious, Larfleezes delusional conversation with his mother is something that shouldn't have been spoiled in the previews if you ask me, because they were practically one of the best scenes in the issue. This is because we still know that Larfleeze isn't exactly an idiot considering his reasonable side has manifested into a phantom version of his own mother, and on top of that it's absolutely hysterical. Moreover, while I did highlight the initial pages of the issue being very good, that doesn't mean that the story falls flat after that, in fact, it does a good job of evolving it. Watching Larfleeze put the other lanterns in place along with getting and ego boost is a pretty amazing to witness, and this happens just when you think that Larfleeze can't get any more arrogant than he already is. Though, this is where the problem begins unfortunately, considering that I personally wanted to see more about Larfleezes past life, because previously that was largely emphasized on. I'm sure we'll focus on that later on, but the revelations came during the time when larfleeze only had his wound to lick, so the fact that he views himself as a god might shift the course of the book in a different direction. However, back to the current events, Giffen does a good job of telling stories of different people simultaneously, the banter between Stargrave and Wanderer is one of my favorite elements about this book, in fact i actually want them to stay as a team rather than having Stargrave go back to Larfleeze.

Overall, i'd say that this was a solid issue, the art again was consistent and good, the plot is moving forward and there are a lot of things to look forward too. Larfleeze is actually becoming one of my favorite titles from the new 52, which in all honesty, I didn't expect.

Recommendation: yes!

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