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Larfleeze, the breakout character from BLACKEST NIGHT, last seen in the pages of THRESHOLD, is back in his own solo, ongoing series—and he’s not sharing it with anyone! In his debut solo adventure, Larfleeze meets Laord of the Hunt, a pan-dimensional cosmic entity that believes all living things are prey—and he’s out to turn the universe into his own private hunting reserve! And the only thing worse than Laord is the deadly beings he can summon!

Larfleeze and his indentured servant butler Pulsar Stargrave, are floating in space near the Creation Point. There Larfleeze tells Pulsar about how he was born to a family of at least 16, then there planet was destroyed by the Lakadakians and Larfleeze was enslaved. Not sure if Larfleeze is telling his true origin, Pulsar listens as Larfleeze tells him about he was forced to mate and perform unspeakable acts until the day he started a revolt among the other slaves and escaped.

Larfleeze goes on to tell about how he stole the Book of Parallax, escaped the Manhunters and discovered the Orange Lantern and created the first and only Orange Power Ring. Just as Pulsar realizes he has heard this part of the story, a giant dog emerges from the Creation Point and eats Larfleeze.

The dog turns to Pulsar but quickly explodes and leaves only a recently eaten Larfleeze angry. Before Larfleeze can react, the Laord of the Hunt, emerges from the Creation Point looking for his dog. Instead of running away, Larfleeze sees the Load's treasure behind him and plans to take it for his own.

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