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Origins/ History

Larcade as a Spriggan
Larcade as a Spriggan

Larcade Dragneel was one of the demons of the book of Zeref. He was one of the failed demons in Zeref's attempt to revive Natsu. Due to his incredible strength, he earned himself the name Dragneel and became one of the members of the Spriggan 12. He believed himself to be the son of Zeref.

He later fought; and was defeated by; the guild master of Sabertooth. When Zeref was fighting Natsu, Larcade desperately crawled to the Fairy Tail to help Zeref. However, when he arrives and attacks Natsu, his actions are not welcomed by Zeref and he is subsequently shot the chest with a magic blast, due to his interference. Larcade questions, why Zeref would do this to his child, to which Zeref responds that he has no child. Zeref beings to step on his wounds and kick him as Larcade desperately pleads to his "father". Angered by this, Zeref destroys Larcade once and for all.


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Larcade is a muscular man but slightly thin. He possess's spiky blonde hair, a cross like tattoo on his forehead and an Alvarez Empire tattoo on his left arm while sporting a Spriggan 12 tattoo on his left shoulder. He has a band covering the tattoo on his left arm.He wears a robe patterned with squares that covers half of his body with the other half being exposed. He wears a pair of dark Capri pants and some basic footwear. He also possess a necklace with a circular object on it. And he wears a weapon shaped like a cross on his back.

Powers & Abilities

Larcade is a wizard and therefore possess a variety of magics. Is magic power, prowess and skills were so high it earned him the tile of a Spriggan. And he was one of the only Etherious to earn the last name Dragneel which is a testament to his power.


  • Pleasure: This magic causes the user to make anyone he desires feel incredible pleasure and pain at the same time. This only affects people who have experienced the "forbidden" pleasures of life and cannot be avoided by them. This magic is so potent that if it is left on long enough it will cause the target to have their spirit lifted from their body, effectively killing them.
  • Hunger: This magic causes the target to feel immense hunger, so much so that they begin to imagine others as food. This can be negated by sheer will or by causing immense pain to the target.
  • R.I.P. : This magic causes the target to become incredibly sleepy and they will eventually fall into an eternal sleep.

Physical Capabilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Larcade had was strong enough to parry strikes from Kagura Mikazuchi's sword with just two fingers. An could tear through human flesh with his hands effortlessly.
  • Superhuman Durability: Larcade effortlessly tanked multiple strikes from Kagura Mikazuchi's blade with just two fingers. He also tanked attacks from Sabertooth Guild Master; Sting Eucliffe.
  • Superhuman Reflexes and Agility: Larcade was capable of reacting and dodging attacks from Sting Eucliffe and Kagura Mikazuchi nigh-effortlessly.


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