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    Knuckles' and Julie-Su's daughter from the future.

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    Lara-Su is the future daughter of Knuckles and Julie-Su. She first appears from a future in which she believes her father to be dead, and comes back to the present day Mobius Prime trying to save him. Operating under the alias Jani-Ca, she attempted to save her father from dying, but thought that she failed, not knowing that Knuckles was faking. She also saved her mother's younger self from a sniper.

    When she returned home to the Dark Mobius timeline from which she hailed, Julie-Su told her the truth about her father: that he had been corrupted by the overwhelming amount of Chaos Energy he had absorbed and had become the new Enerjak. Julie had hidden the truth from her daughter by saying he was dead, but the time had come for Lara to confront her deranged parent. The last to be seen of this Lara-Su was following her mother into an uncertain conflict until the later Dark Mobius timeline comics.

    Mobius: 25 Years Later

    An alternate Lara-Su was seen in a future where Sonic the Hedgehog used a chaos siphon to take away her Father's chaos powers before they could drive him insane. Due to his own bad experiences in the position of Guardian, Knuckles refused to allow Lara-Su to begin training to become a Guardian, even though she wanted to follow in his footsteps. This continued until she was sixteen and had her Unveiling, a ceremony in which adolescent female Echidnas are introduced to adult society. Lara continued badgering her father to let her become a Guardian, leaving them both irritable to the point where Lara attacked her cousin Rutan in a school class that they shared.

    Despite her discontent with her father's wishes, Lara-Su agreed to go through with the ceremony, sharing a dance with Knuckles and with Vector the Crocodile's son Argyll. Afterwards, she spoke with her mother about her father's stubbornness, but Julie-Su supported Knuckles in his decision. Unbeknownst to either of them, Knuckles was meeting with Rotor of the Kingdom of Acorn, who had discovered that Mobius was in grave peril unless Knuckles and Sonic, who had long ceased to be on good terms and argued constantly when together, put aside their quarrels and joined the resources of Angel Island and the Kingdom.

    Blissfully unaware of the events unfolding around her, Lara-Su was more concerned with her social life. As the royal family prepared to visit, she learned that Sonic and Sally Acorn's son Manik had a crush on her, the thought of which horrified her-especially the idea of Rutan finding out and using it against her. She begged her aunt Lien-Da, with whom she was quite friendly, to swear secrecy, to which Lien-Da agreed with amusement. Soon afterwards Sonic, Sally, Manik, and Lara-Su's best friend from off Angel Island, Sonia, arrived for their stay with the Guardian family. While Lara and the other youngsters tried to enjoy the get together with some other friends on the island Espio the Chameleon's daughter Salma and an Echidna named Riki-Le their parents found themselves reeling with what Rotor and his Dark Legion counterpart, Cobar, had to tell them about Mobius' impending doom.

    Oblivious, Lara and her friends-together with Sally and Julie-Su enjoyed a sleepover. Finally, though, Knuckles relented to her request for Guardian training after paying a visit to the grave of her grandfather, Locke. Before he could begin training her, though, Knuckles said he had an errand to run; he was accompanying Sonic on a mission that would hopefully stabilize Mobius and prevent its destruction. Showing that she was her parents' daughter, Lara-Su stowed away aboard the vessel that her father and the king boarded, only to disappear into thin air just as Sonic was being sent back in time.

    Altered Mobius: 25 years Later

    Whatever Sonic did in the past drastically altered the future that Lara-Su hailed from. Shadow the Hedgehog replaced Sonic as Sally's husband and the King of Mobius; Manik and Sonia ceased to exist; and Knuckles served as Shadow's enforcer with the Dark Legion backing him and Lien-Da serving as the king's adviser.

    Despite these negative consequences, Lara-Su found herself being trained as a Guardian, which she greatly enjoyed as her powers continued to develop. However, the arrival of Tails, her father's childhood friend who had also protected his memories and those of his family from the temporal alterations, brought an end to her acceptance of this timeline. When Knuckles seemingly refused to help Tails, Lara-Su agreed to, missing her now non-existent friends and wanting to end Shadow's regime.

    The two found "King" Sonic homeless in an alley in the Echidna city of Portal, only to be caught and arrested by the Dark Legion. Knuckles then revealed that the whole thing had been a setup: his own memories of the original future remained, and he had been planning to overthrow Shadow for some time. To her dismay, Lara-Su was left with the task of escorting an injured Rotor to safety while her father, Sonic, and Tails launched their attack to defeat Shadow and rescue Sally.

    When Sonic was defeated in battle, as her father escorted Sally to safety, Lara-Su stepped in to confront Shadow herself. After a brief but intense contest in which Lara suffered an injury from Shadow's chaos spear, she was able to imprison him with chaos control using his own ties to the chaos force to trap him. As Sonic and Sally were reunited, she then left on the arm of her proud father.

    Dark Mobius Timeline

    The first Lara-Su to appear on Mobius Prime had actually been from the Dark Mobius timeline, a reality in which Julie-Su left Knuckles while she was pregnant with Lara-Su after he became so absorbed in "perfecting" Mobius, going about his duties as the Guardian of Angel Island and dismantling the Brotherhood that he no longer had any time for her. Julie-Su fled with Lara-Su after Sonic attempted to drain Knuckles of his chaos power with a make shift chaos siphon before it corrupted him, however the attempt failed which set off a series of events leading to Knuckles becoming Enerjak.

    For years, however, Lara-Su believed that her Father had died at the hands of Remington and one day made an accidental trip to what she thought to be her world's past but eventually learned, upon returning to her own timeline, that she had made a trip to another reality (Mobius Prime) and not their past, a past which Julie-Su had lied about in order to protect Lara-Su from the truth about her Father.

    After learning of her Father's descent into madness, Lara-Su joined her Mother in aiding the resistance. But following the death of Julie-Su and countless others, Lara-Su was forced to take on the role of Angel Island's Guardian and become the leader of what little remained of the resistance. With her Mother dead, she also renounced her name and took back the alias of "Jani-Ca", which she had used during her trip to Mobius Prime, in order to cut all ties to her Father off, something she could never bring herself to do while Julie-Su was still alive.

    Sometime later, Silver the Hedgehog followed one of Enerjak's Prelates, mindless mystical robotic slaves created from the "Cores" or rather souls of those Enerjak had slain to Dark Mobius where he faced all of The Chaotix including Vector, the Prelate from before, in fierce combat. Lara-Su and her Freedom Fighters came to his aid shortly afterward. When Silver tried to thank her, he unknowingly made the mistake of calling her by her original name, which set Lara-Su off, nearly killing Silver with The Sword of Acorns.

    Luckily, her fellow Freedom Fighters got Lara-Su to stay her hand and allowed Silver to explain himself, which he did by revealing that he had aided the Lara-Su of the Mobius: 25 Years Later timeline in halting the total annihilation of Angel Island at the hands of some hideous creature. Lara-Su, having had her own experiences with time travel, accepted Silver's story and brought him to their base while telling him a bit about her world's history, how Prelates were created and her plan to drive The Sword of Acorns through Enerjak's body and render him powerless.

    Before their discussion could go beyond Silver's attempt at guessing Enerjak's true identity, Enerjak made his presence known and bound both Lara-Su, Silver and The Freedom Fighters in a force-field, which Silver broke down before Enerjak could bring any harm to his newfound allies. The two then engaged each other in battle while Lara-Su and her Freedom Fighters fought the Prelate Chaotix and a Prelate incarnation of Julie-Su, which horrified and angered Lara-Su beyond all measures.

    But the presence of Prelate-JS did nothing to shake Lara-Su up, rather it gave her a chance to save her Mother, but before she could reclaim the Core from Julie-Su's body, Silver shut her down and explained that the others were being overwhelmed by the power of The Chaotix and needed her help desperately. After defeating the Chaotix and retrieving their Cores along with that of her Mothers, Enerjak went into a brooding state of deep thought, something he often did when he wanted Lara-Su and the others to fight another day.

    But before Lara-Su and the others could leave, Enerjak began expressing his overwhelming joy at Lara-Su's display of violence and drama. His display of such joy filled Lara-Su with great fear, for the last time he experienced overwhelming joy...Enerjak sunk the entire continent of Downunda into the ocean. Having been egged on by Silver, Enerjak went on the offensive and took back the Cores as well as the lives of two Freedom Fighters. All attempts at stopping Enerjak in his tracks failed and resulted only in the mass slaughter of every Freedom Fighter except Lara-Su and Silver.

    Lara-Su, now in Enerjak's hold, had a short discussion with him concerning both his feelings of her and Julie-Su's betrayal as well as her little adventure to Mobius Prime, which prompted Lara-Su to tearfully express her wish that Remington had actually killed him before any of this madness could begin. Ending the discussion with his dismay over how she would never achieve her full potential, Enerjak prepared to take Lara-Su's core but was stopped by Silver before he could even begin the process.

    While Silver and Enerjak fought, Lara-Su gathered up the bodies of her fallen teammates and swore on her life to bring them back from the abyss once Silver could find some way of drawing Enerjak into a physical confrontation rather than using his powers. Once he managed to do so, Lara-Su used the power of The Sword of Acorns to render Enerjak powerless and in doing so gained all of his power and became the new Enerjak.

    Obtaining Enerjak's power allowed her to not only regain the Cores but begin the process of rebuilding all that Enerjak had destroyed. In order to keep her Father from regaining his nightmarish powers anytime soon, Lara-Su destroyed The Sword of Acorns, leaving her crazed Father an empty battery and far enough away from any emeralds to recharge. With Enerjak's reign officially ended, Lara-Su and Silver parted ways as he returned to his timeline. Lara-Su then began the process of fixing her world and even hopefully the mind of her long lost father.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lara-Su is equipped with most of her father's powers, and possesses her own ability to retract her fist spurs. Having been trained by her father, Lara is also a skilled martial artist with the ability to hold her own against more experienced opponents. In addition, she has been trained to command the power of chaos force manipulation with great aptitude which she uses to defeat Shadow by imprisoning him in chaos energy.


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