Character » Lanie appears in 2 issues.

    A teenage runaway forced by the Grapplers to became the new Screaming Mimi. She was saved by Songbird.

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    Lanie was a teenage runaway taken in by the reunited original Grapplers (Lascivious, Letha, ad Poundcakes). Outfitting Lanie with the ring wear and technology of the original Screaming Mimi, the Grapplers then had her contact Songbird. The Grapplers attempted to coerce Songbird to rejoin them for a bank robbery, but she declined. They then pitted Lanie against Songbird, but the inexperienced teen was quickly defeated. Songbird removed Lanie's tech and told her to return home, turning the other three Grapplers over to the police. Letha vowed that they would return for Lanie later.


    Lanie was outfitted with technology presumably based on the same cybernetics created by Roxxon scientists for Melissa Gold, the original Screaming Mimi. This allowed Lanie to project a high-pitched sonic scream, capable of incapacitating opponents without some protection against sonic attacks. Unlike the other Grapplers, Lanie has not--as of this writing--received the augmentation process from the Power Broker which gave them superhuman strength and endurance.


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