Character » Lanfeust appears in 62 issues.

    Lanfeust is currently on the run, having been accused of the murder of Nicolede. His aim is to find the real culprit to proof his innocence.

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    Lanfeust is the hero of the series, a young villager and apprentice blacksmith. He was planning on settling down with his fiancée, C'ian, and leading a quiet, peaceful life in Glinin.

    His original power allows him to heat and melt metal, a handy trick for a blacksmith. However, his true power arises when he touches artifacts from the Magohamoth (ivory, his breath,...) that allow him to use any magic power known.

    Though brave enough to face extreme dangers, Lanfeust demonstrates naïveté or clumsiness in many matters of life and love.

    When C'ian ends their relationship, Lanfeust falls for the charms of her sister Cixi. She bears him a son, named Glin. Due to the effects of spacetravel, Lanfeust and his son have the same age.

    Lanfeust has four wifes: Duzone, Lumeh, Fygne and Fagne.

    Thanos and Lanfeust are related through a common grandparent, who cheated on his wife.

    The name Lanfeust is derived from a French village, sitiuated between Le Conquet and Ploumoguer (Finistère).


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