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    Han Solo's old friend from his smuggling days. He eventually signed up with the Rebel Alliance and would become a General.

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    Lando Calrissian is/was the Administrator of the floating metropolis Cloud City and Tibanna gas mine on the planet of Bespin. Lando was once the owner of the Millennium Falcon, he won it gambling in a game of Sabacc. He also lost it in a game of Sabacc to his long time friend Han Solo. He was renowned for his success at gambling and women. Lando also won droid named Vuffi Raa, who went to become his friend and ally for a long time.


    Lando Calrissian first appeared in Star Wars #42. He first appeared in the George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

    Major Story Arcs

    Traitor to the Republic

    Some people say Lando was a traitor, and some people say he did what was best for Cloud City. When Darth Vader persuades Lando into leading Han into a trap, Lando accepts, because if he wouldn't have, Cloud City would have been ruled by the Empire. Han, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and a few others are captured by imperial troops. But soon when Lando realizes that things are getting a little out of control, he helps the prisoners escape. But they fail to rescue Han, and he is taken by the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett.

    Han's Rescue

    As being one of the main guilty men who caused Han Solo to be frozen in carbonite, Lando agrees to the rescue of Han, who is a prisoner on Jabba's Palace. Lando takes the position of a guard and studies all of the smuggler's and Jabba's moves for months. Until Luke and the other heroes come to the rescue. The mission is a success and Han is safe.

    General of the Rebel Alliance

    After he successfully helps to rescue Han Solo from the mobster Jabba the Hutt, he is named General of the Rebel Alliance. He then leads the Rebel starfighter fleet on the Millennium Falcon into the Death Star to destroy the massive space station. The Sullustan Nien Nunb copilots the Falcon during the Battle of Endor. And after the successful battle the second Death Star is destroyed.





    Height--5.8 inches (1.77 meters)




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