Land of Ooo

    Location » Land of Ooo appears in 127 issues.

    The Land of Ooo is the magical land where Jake the Dog and Finn the Human have their adventures.

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    The Land of Ooo is divided into various kingdoms, and there are also several different realms which can be accessed from Ooo. Places of note include:

    • Beneathaverse - An underground kingdom inhabited by gnomes.
    • Box Kingdom - A kingdom made from boxes. The Box People resemble cats, and as the name suggests, all wear boxes.
    • Breakfast Kingdom - A kingdom made from and populated by all manner of traditional breakfast foods. The local princesses are Breakfast Princess and her sister, Toast Princess.
    • Candy Kingdom - Ruled by Princess Bubblegum and populated with Candy People.
    • Fire Kingdom - The domain of the Flame King and his daughter, Flame Princess.
    • Ice Kingdom - The home of the Ice King, a cold and unwelcoming realm populated with penguins and snow golems.
    • Lumpy Space - Home of the Lumpy Space People, accessible via a secret entrance in the Cotton Candy Forest.
    • Nightosphere - Hellish realm ruled by Hunson Abadeer, father of Marceline the Vampire Queen.
    • Sime Kingdom - The home of Slime Princess is located underground much like the Beneathaverse, put has a lot of gooey features like slime pits and the trash covered Bad Lands.


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