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Lancelot Steele was employed by Harry S. Osgood as the road-manager for his publicity agency. Although Lancelot was a bit of a lout-mouth, he had his heart in the right place and always made sure the stars had everything the needed.


Lancelot Steele was created by Tom DeFalco and John Romita Jr. and first appeared in Dazzler issue 3 (1981).

Major Story Arcs

Meeting the Dazzler

When Lancelot learned that he had to become the road-manager of Harry Osgood's newest star, the Dazzler, he was very reluctant. He often commented of what she did wrong and how she should sing or perform, causing a bit of anger between the two at first. Eventually, Dazzler and Lancelot managed to work together on better terms, with Lancelot sometimes trying to help Dazzler and others out when troubles arose. He however often fled the scene the moment things became to warm under his feat, but never leaving someone in the claws of danger as a result. When Dazzler left Harry Osgood's agency, a co-worker of Lancelot was happy that she left. Lancelot then defended Dazzler, telling his co-worker that she was one of most special people he had met in showbusiness. Nothing was heard from Lancelot after that.


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