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After his father, Edward, a top scientist and friend to the King of Galaluna, vanished, Lance had a rough life with out family. The King and General Modula decided to send the orphaned Lance off to the best military academy in hopes that he would become a grant soldier, surrounded with others to befriend. Though, Lance was bullied and rejected by most of the other students. Dispite not fitting quite in, Lance ended up becoming the youngest student to win the "Medal of Excellence".

Eventually shortly after Lance gets into trouble, when caught in a fight with another one of the students where both boys destroyed most of the school in the process with Manus Armors.

This got Lance in jail, but the king would bail him out and order him to spend the summer fixing the damages. This was where Lance's personality began to change. He turned into a loner and finally accepted that his father was never going to come back.

Lance's skills in battle were noticed by his superiors as both reckless and amazing. His tactics and crazy stunts was what kept him from being promoted to a corporal, but everyone still knew he was the best.

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After serving in the army for some time, Lance and his unit are put in charge of rescueing hostages from the Mutraddi on one of the planets moons. Ordered not to engage the enemy, Lance disobeys his commands and enters the building holding the hostages anyways, only to find that all the hostages were dead. He then overhears the Mutraddi planning an invasion for Galaluna. After returning with the news his superior blames him for the hostage's deaths, while confinscating his Manus armor and placing him under arrest for the second time. Lance plea's to the King to listen to him, but the man refuses to believe him. And when the King finally considers his words to be true, it is already too late. Through the invasion, Lance discovers that his superior was in fact the traitor and fights him in a fencing battle. Lance then kills the man and saves the royal family and increases the defenses. The King then during this gives Lance a special Manus unit and declares him Ilana's protector. The King sends Lance with his daughter to Earth to escape the war and better protect the planets princess.

Manus & Sym-Bionic Titan Armor

When his super fighting skills are not enough, Lance has the ability to activate a device on his watch and create a strong armored exoskeleton known as Manus. When in the machine, Lance can arm himself with a variety of weapons, including those for attacking and defense. Such weapons include, missiles, grenades, electro-spears, and chain-swords.

Lance can also combine his armors powers with those of Octus and Ilana to create the Smybionic Titan. A much more powerful machine, but it takes all three of them to opperate and with that they must learn to cooperate with one another to keep the Titan in effective order. Lance is known as the 'body' of the Titan, being more of the attack and fighting part of the Sym-Bionic Titain, while the others serve as defense and data.


  • Age: 16
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin: White
  • Family: Edward (Father)
  • Personality: Soloist, Loner, with almost a gothic/punk feel. Likes heavy metal, racing cars, playing the guitar and is very laid back, non social, and heardly every shows any emotion when off the battlefield. This personalliy, ironically makes Lance the most popular kid in (Earth) school.
 Lance Irritated
Lance Irritated

He shows many signs of self-loathing due to the disappearance of his father and even wakes up ever night at 2:00am as that would be the time his father was due back home.

Lance as a bodyguard is very paranoid, assuming even the most harmless things, such as a puppy or crying baby could be a serious threat.


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