Lance O'Casey

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    All at Sea at Fawcett

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    Lance O’Casey was a seaman who plied the South Pacific with his pal Mike and his pet monkey Mister Hogan, together they fended off pirates, Japanese imperialists, and hostile natives.

    Their lives however were not made up of only the “common place” as from time to time they also found they had to deal with islands filled with dinosaurs, genies out of lamps, and Lance’s sometimes foe Singapore Sal.

    Along for the Voyage

    Lance O’Casey was an 8 page back up feature for most of the run of Whiz comics starting in # 2, he was also given his own comic in 1944, but his popularity was not enough to sustain that.

    He was also used in a few other Fawcett comics such as Master Comics as a backup when needed, and his regular foe Singapore Sal was used twice in the pages of Don Winslow of the Navy.

    However when DC bought out the Fawcett characters Lance was not a part of the deal.

    Though the character, as a grizzled sea captain, has shown up at least once in the Power of Shazam, Lance apparently having been so thoroughly forgotten that nobody bothered to check or care who has the copyright now.


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