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    The director of S.T.R.I.K.E.

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    Lance Hunter is a senior British intelligence agent.


    Lance Hunter was created by Gary Friedrich and Herb Trimpe, first appearing in Captain Britain #19.

    Character Development

    English agent Commander Lance Hunter was the director of the STRIKE intelligence agency at the time when the Red Skull kidnapped the British Prime Minister James Callaghan. Hunter worked with his American counterpart, SHIELD's Nick Fury, plus Captain America and Captain Britain, to rescue Callaghan and stop the Skull's attempted coup. Hunter later unsuccessfully tried to woo Captain Britain into working for STRIKE. After leaving STRIKE, Hunter moved on to other roles within the intelligence community, and subsequently, having risen to the rank of Commodore, he was involved in drafting the British version of the Superhuman Registration Act. A short while later he was promoted to JiC (Joint Intelligence Chief), head of all of Britain's security services, including MI5, MI6 and MI13.

    Other Media

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

    Nick Blood as Lance Hunter
    Nick Blood as Lance Hunter

    Lance Hunter is introduced in Season 2 portrayed by Nick Blood. He appears as a mercenary working with former SHIELD agent Isabelle Hartley.

    Hunter first appears along with Hartley and fellow mercenary Idaho undercover trying to make deal with an Ex-SHIELD agent hoping to obtain confiscated SHIELD tech. The deal goes south when a superhuman assailant arrives, killing the agent and escaping with the intel, leaving the team to retreat back to the Playground. There they identify the superhuman as Carl Creel. Abducting General Glenn Talbot, the team retrieves what the need to enter the base. Using that the team breaks into the facility and locate the Obelisk which starts to kills Hartley when she grabs it. Hunter, Hartley, and Idaho escape in a car where Hunter cuts off Harley's arm hoping to stop the Obelisk from killing her. Soon after they are ambushed by Creel, causing their car to flip, killing Idaho and Hartley.

    In the MCU Lance Hunter is Mockingbird's ex husband as opposed to Hawkeye. In the series they are currently trying to mend their relationship.


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