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A scientist, Lance Harrower grew increasingly obsessed with perfecting his creation, smartskin, due to his preoccupation with being famous and keeping himself and his wife Alix eternally young. His fixation with eternal youth lead him to develop an internet affair with the online porn star Sally Sonic.


Lance was created by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. He made his first appearance in Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1.

Major Story Arcs

Seven Soldiers of Victory

Lance repeatedly attempts to convince his wife that she should also want to be a famous, immortal superhero, despite her repeated rejections of the idea. One day, while Alix is out, he desperately injects himself with the smartskin. It bonds to his flesh, but begins suffocating him as the formula has not yet been perfected. Alix arrives home in time to contact the paramedics, and Lance accidentally transfers the smartskin to her. Due to the entire surface of his body being completely coated in the substance, doctors are unable to administer any life-saving drugs to him. He suffocates under the weight of his smartskin, and dies in the emergency room.

Powers and Abilities

Lance Harrower is a very intelligent scientist who was able to create a synthetic, metallic second skin that bonds with collagen and keeps it from decaying. He was briefly superhumanly strong and durable.


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