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Lance Blastoff is an adventurer that travels across the universe. He is seen first seen saving a woman (on the "Dinosaur Planet") from a T-Rex. After sleeping with the woman, Lance left the planet via his spaceship. He got a distress call from a group of aliens standarded due to their spaceship breaking down. Instead of helping them, he lobotomized them and sold them as pets.

Powers and Abilities

Lance has no powers. However, he has gagdets and machines to help him. He has a jetpack that he uses to fly. He seen using a gun with what looks like a miniature atomic bomb to kill a T-Rex. He travels across the universe via a spaceship. He has an army of "Slutbots" (which do what their name implies).


Lance is extremely selfish. He only does good things when there is a reward or gain for him (he killed the dinosaur for the meat). He also does extremely amoral things like abandoning the woman and lobotomizing innocent aliens.


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