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Lambik started out as a plumber and a detective. That was until he met Suske and Wiske and became friends with them. From there on he always went with them on adventures.


Lambik made his first appearance in the comic book 'De Sprietatoom' in 1946. He was created by writer and artist Willy Vandersteen who gained the title of spiritual father to Suske & Wiske. He received his own spin off comic book 'De Grappen van Lambik'.

Character Evolution

Lambik has always been the comedic note in the comic book. He started out as a terribly dumb character but over time he grew smarter, although not a lot smarter. His usual appearance hasn't changed over time, he wears a white shirt, black pants and bow tie. Sometimes he wear a black bowler hat. He's extremely protective of the six hairs he has left and will do anything to protect them.

Lambik's Family

Lambik's father
Lambik's father

Lambik has a brother named Arthur. Their father was a poet, but his poems were misunderstood and he was locked away in an asylum in Voorburg. When he was released, he went to the South American country Surinam and lived there ever since.

Johan Matheus Lambik
Johan Matheus Lambik

One of his forefathers is a member of the Buckriders, called Johan Matheus Lambik (1730-1772).

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