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I was thinking of how a Lagoon Boy series (or one-shot, or mini)would be like.Here's what i'd wanna see:

Lagoon Boy heals from the Titans East massacre, then he goes back to Poseidonis and is reunited with his pals Blubber and Sheeva.Then Lagoon Boy becomes some kind of hero of Poseidonis with a more 'Aquaman'-like costume (In honor of King Orin) and a necklace that makes him look human. He then is sent to retrieve an ancient artifact ( and he gets it)but he's knocked out by some brute monsters from Devil's Deep. Lagoon Boy washes up unconcious on the shores of Tempest Keys. A young lighthouse keeper named Nancy Crow finds him and gives him a place to recover. But he loses the artifact and must stay there for a while. While there, he retains his human form and goes by the name "Arthur". A team of Paranormal Investigators found out about a sighting of a "Creature from the lagoon" (Lagoon Boy actually) and are after him.

I also want Lagoon Boy to concentrate a bit more on his telepathy and water manipulation. Any thoughts?

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