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    Lagoon Boy is an amphibious boy from Atlantis who is more durable than a normal human. He can grow sharp quills and control water.

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    Lagoon boy was created by Erik Larsen and Eric Battle. Lagoon Boy first appeared in Aquaman #50(1998).

    Lagoon Boy was born in the year 1988. Lagoon Boy attended the marriage of King Orin and Queen Mera. There, Lagoon Boy befriended Sheeva, a beautiful mermaid, and Blubber,a whale with a genius IQ. In Aquaman #54,they called themselves "The Landlubbers". They built a TV and a computer that could work underwater. "The Landlubbers" were so curious about the surface that they went up to it. Their appearances frightened the civilians. Aquaman later rescued them and brought the three back to Atlantis.

    Young Justice

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    Young Justice #21 Lagoon Boy helped Robin, Superboy and Impulse defeat Kobra Prime during the No Man's Land period. Later on, Lagoon Boy joined Young Justice as a reserve member,as did Changeling, Flamebird, Captain Marvel Jr. and Batgirl. Their only battle was with Klarion and Lil' Lobo. Lagoon Boy was seen helping out in Young Justice:Sins of Youth in which he was aged to adulthood and Aquaman became a kid. They faced off against Klarion the witch boy and Black Manta, helping the JSA, JLA, the Titans and Young Justice.

    Lagoon Man

    In Young Justice, during Sins of Youth, Lagoon Boy is seen controlling Humpback Whales, aiding the Young Justice in the capture of the evil dictator of the nation called Zandia. But he is hypnotized by Siren, who says she will make him into a man.

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    Lagoon Boy discovered a conch shell that could call out his pet Spotty, a monstrous sea creature from the Devil's Deep. Unfortunately it called out another vicious creature, which wreaked havoc upon the harbor of Gotham. Lagoon Boy teamed up with Robin to tame it and bring it back to the oceans in Robin #83-84.


    Lagoon Boy was also shown in Infinite Crisis #4 in which the Spectre was attacking Atlantis. Lagoon Boy appeared battling it along with his fellow colleagues.

    Lagoon Boy later returns for the Titans East Special#1.

    After being severely injured during the team's routine, Lagoon Boy is left comatose.

    Heroes in Crisis

    Lagoon Boy is among the casualties at the Sanctuary. He was there working through the trauma of the injury that left him comatose in Titans East Special #1.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lagoon Boy can breathe underwater, control water, telepathically talk with animals, grow quills and inflate him self like a puffer fish. In puffer fish mode he can't talk but has enhanced strength and durability.

    In Other Media

    Teen Titans

    In Teen Titans, the character, Tramm, seems to take inspiration from Lagoon Boy. He was an Atlantean fish person and ally of Aqualad. His major contribution was his engineering skills. Unlike Lagoon Boy, Tramm was colored pink instead of green and could not speak English. However, he could "inflate" his body to increase his strength.

    Young Justice

    Lagoon Boy in Young Justice
    Lagoon Boy in Young Justice

    Lagoon Boy makes a brief cameo in the "Young Justice" episode "Downtime". Again he appears in the "Young Justice: Invasion" episode "Happy New Year!" After a five year time skip, Lagoon Boy is shown as a member of "The Team". It is revealed through a kiss that he and Miss Martian are in a relationship. He is put along with Robin (Tim Drake) and Blue Beetle in "Team Gamma", much to his dismay, saying Gamma always gets the "soft job". When he talks he uses many atlantean slang words. He is also shown to have the abilities to breath underwater and Enhance his strength with rune like tattoos, like Aqualad's.


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