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    The Philippines First Regular costumed superhero

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    Lagim (dread) was a veteran of World War II who wishing to help clear out isolated Japanese forces that refused to surrender got help from Dr. Malasakit a scientist who had invented a helmet that doubled the strength of anyone who wore it.

    Devising a costume to go with the helmet Lagim took on both his initial task as well as other menaces that arose with nothing but pluck, luck, his wits, twice the strength of a normal man, and a huge revolver.

    He later gained a sidekick named Levy.



    While there was a short lived superhero character in the 30’s called Ipo-Ipo (Tornado) who was the Philippines first superhero, Lagim, created by Cris Caguintuan, was the first long running superhero to appeared at the start of the comics explosion that started in the late 40’s.

    After his run in Pilipino Komiks starting in 1947 Lagim also appeared in Lagim Komiks into the 60’s.


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