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    Character » Lafayette Reynolds appears in 22 issues.

    Lafayette Reynolds is the short order cook at Merlotte's and cousin of Tara Thornton.

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    Before Season 1

    Prior to season one, Lafayette was kicked out by his mother for coming out of the closet. He lives alone in his own house, however it is frequented by many different guests.

    Season 1

    Lafayette is a very hard-working citizen of Bon Temps. He has several jobs, including cooking for Sam at Merlotte's, Working with Jason Stackhouse and Hoyt Fortenberry on the road crew and also many questionable or outright illegal pursuits. He is a drug dealer, selling " V" and many other drugs, so much so that Jason Stackhouse said that Lafayette sold everything. Lafayette has a pornographic web site, and even got Jason to appear on it in exchange for V. He also operates as a gay prostitute with many clients, including a Senator. The Vampire from whom he gets his V supply gives his blood willingly in exchange for sexual favors from Lafayette. Lafayette once confronted a group of customers, one Royce Williams at Merlotte's after they that a hamburger he cooked had AIDS. After licking the top burger bun and slapping it in the face of one customer, he beats up all of them when they attack him, dumps the plate onto the stomach of the customer that said the burger had AIDS. He then reminded them to "tip [their] waitress".

    Amy and Jason followed Lafayette to find out where he was getting his V supply and kidnap the vampire, Eddie, to harvest his blood. After finding out about Eddie's disappearance, Lafayette confronts Jason at Arlene's party and vows that he won't turn up dead because of him. Lafayette later threatens a Senator who is also one of Lafayette's clients. After Sookie survives the attack from Rene/Drew, Lafayette, Sam, Tara, and Arlene all come to check on her. Lafayette leaves to make sure Terry isn't "PTSDing all over my clam chowder," and is kidnapped  

    Season 2

    Lafayette's kidnappers are revealed to be  vampires working for Eric because he was selling V. Eric had planned to kill Lafayette until Sookie discovered he was being held prisoner in the Fangtasia dungeon. She demanded that he was released or she would not help Eric find Godric. Lafayette was released and showed signs of trauma from his imprisonment, so much so, that when Andy threatened to send Lafayette to prison because he was a suspect in Miss Jeanette's murder, he broke down in tears.

    It appears that after Eric's imprisonment of him, Lafayette now has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This manifests itself by transforming people that are threatening him into visions of Eric causing Lafayette to break down shivering. Terry, who is a war veteran that also suffers from PTSD, recognizes what Lafayette is going through and tries to help him through it. Lafayette confessed to Sookie that he has somewhat erotic dreams about Eric like she does.

    After seeing the bruises on Tara from the beating she received from Eggs when they both fall under Maryann's influence, Lafayette teams up with Lettie Mae to kidnap Tara and bring her to his house. Here, Lafayette reveals to Bill that Eric is making him sell vampire blood. Accompanying Sookie to face Maryann, he confronts her and Karl. Intimidated by her approach, he shoots at her but she deflects it with her hand which bounces off her palm and shoots through Karl's head, immediately killing him. Maryann briefly acknowledges his death before returning her attention to Lafayette.

    Sookie screams after seeing that Lafayette had falled under the maenad's power. He orders her to change into a dress before bringing her downstairs to Maryann where she is appointed the Maid of Honor. After Bon Temps is released from Maryann's control, Lafayette, like the other residents, are clueless about how they wound up at Sookie's house and have no memory of the recent events. Although Lafayette has confirmed that he doesn't want to know and even quotes: "I don't think it's healthy for a motherfucker to know everything he's done."

    Season 3

    Dealing with a suicidal Tara, Lafayette takes her to mental hospital and reveals his mother, Ruby Jean Reynolds, is not dead as he had let others to believe. There, he meets Jesus Velasquez who is his mother's nurse.  When Jesus shows up at Merlotte's the next day, Lafayette thinks he has arrived with bad news about Ruby Jean. He is pleasantly surprised when he learns that the handsome nurse is interested in him.  
    Still having to sell V for Eric, he was nicely compensated with a brand new car which he takes to Hotshot to convince the Norris clan to buy a large quantity of V. However Calvin Norris is uninterested and he and Felton Norris begins to harass Lafayette. Eric senses Lafayette is in trouble and rescues him from the Norris's, but they later show up at Lafayette's house and smash up Lafayette's car. Jesus helps Lafayette get rid of them but leaves after finding out that that Lafayette is a drug dealer. who is in a coma. As usual, he is a calm and comforting presence reciting an Inuit prayer over the unconscious Sookie. 

    Lafayette and Jesus are reunited when Ruby Jean escapes from the mental hospital and pays a visit to "La-la". Together, they rescue Calvin Norris after an angry Sam beats him.  Jesus is stunned by the miraculous power of V. Jesus and Lafayette do V together and discover both of their ancestors utilized magic. While Jesus was empowered by the experience, Lafayette struggles with his continuing hallucinations (seeing Jesus with a demon mask; seeing Sam with blood on his hands saying "Cross me and you're a dead man"; and seeing Drew Marshall standing behind Arlene and claiming that he is inside her (referring to her pregnancy)). This last hallucination shocks Lafayette into calling Jesus into Merlotte's. Lafayette learns that Jesus comes from a line of witches, and is one himself.  

    Season 4

    A year later Lafayette and Jesus are now living together. Jesus has been trying to get Lafayette to join the new Witch Coven in town lead by Marnie. Lafayette is still cautious or wary about the whole witchcraft thing but still goes to the meeting with Jesus. When Lafayette first goes Marnie is said to be connecting with the spirit world and Lafayette is very weirded out. Suddenly Holly who is interpreting for Marnie begins to ask Lafayette if he knows anyone by the name of Eddie and Lafayette is then frightened for he never told anyone about Eddie except Jesus. While Marnie is still sitting mumbling Holly is listening closely to Marnie and then tells Lafayette that Eddie wants to give him a rose. Marnie then holds up her hand to Lafayette as if giving him a rose and Lafayette is told to take it. Lafayette then goes in to take the rose but then Marnie grabs Lafayette's hand and Eddie begins to speak through Marnie. Lafayette then gets scared and steps away asking how Marnie knew about the situation with Eddie and then gets mad at Jesus thinking he told. Jesus then tells Lafayette he didn't tell anyone anything but Lafayette then walks out.

    Later at Merlottes, Sookie asks Lafayette about Tara and he tells her he doesn't really know about Tara now only that she's moved and he's received several post cards from her from Texas, New Orleans, and other several places. Then while he's in the kitchen Jesus visits him asking if they're still not talking. Lafayette is still angry thinking Jesus told the witches about Eddie and then asks Jesus why he wants him to join "this crazy witch cult..." and Jesus tells him that he wouldn't lure him into a cult and tells him that Marnie found Eddie all on her own. Jesus continues to try to convince Lafayette that he has magic in him and why he wont believe it. Lafayette tells Jesus he had lived his whole life perfectly without magic and Jesus then tells Lafayette the only reason why he want's him in "his crazy witch cult" is because he's got a gift and he doesn't want Lafayette to run away from the only thing that makes him special. Andy then walks in and Jesus leaves asking Lafayette if he'll come again that night. Lafayette tells him he'll think about it. Andy, acting very jittery, starts telling Lafayette that he's on a case and he needs V for the case. Lafayette tells Andy he's clean but Andy begins to get violent and Jason then runs in and calms Andy down telling Lafayette is not a suspect, unaware that Andy was looking for V. Andy apologies and leaves.

    That night Lafayette does go with Jesus to the meeting again and this time the group are getting prepared to say goodbye to Marnie's dead parakeet Manerva. Marnie then asks if everyone could kindly join her and they all begin to hold hands in a circle except for Lafayette who just sits and watches. Marnie begins her ritual to help guide her bird to the spirit world. But suddenly Marnie begins chanting a spell that supposedly should return Manerva to life. Holly and Jesus begin to question Marnie telling her they hadn't studied this. Marnie then frustrated demands Lafayette to join the circle. Lafayette then joins hands and suddenly everyone in the circle tightens up as energy runs through them all. Marnie continues to say the ritual and suddenly the bird gets up and then begins to fly away until it then falls behind Lafayette. Marnie then gets up and begins to pet the bird happy. Lafayette tells Marnie "Sorry but I think your bird's still dead" but Marnie then smiles at Lafayette and tells him it doesn't matter.

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