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    She is the princess of the Morlaidh people.

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     Atom defends Laethwen
    Atom defends Laethwen

    Laethwen is part of a six inch high alien race that landed on earth long ago. She was born the princess of her people but felt her father Caellich, was as unjust ruler so she fell in love with the head of the rebels Taren. Taren was later blinded for his crimes. Before he committed suicide he got Atom to be the new leader of the rebellion. As Atom became leader he took Laethwen as his mate although he was still married to Jean Loring.


    The Atom was a character that traditionally had difficulty maintaining his own series and so a new direction was sought with the character, incorporating more of the fantasy elements which were popular at the time (such as with Conan, Warlord and Ka-Zar). This resulted in the mini-series "Sword of the Atom" and she was designed as a the main female protagonist. The series did not prove to be a financial or critical success though and she has not been seen since.

    Character Evolution

    Other than developing feelings for Ray Palmer and learning to better lead her people, the character does not evolve much in her few appearances.

    Major Story Arcs

    The character partook in only one story arc in her existence, as was told through the Sword of the Atom. What Laethwen didn't know was her father was being framed by his adviser Deraegis. Atom, Laethwen and Voss led an assault on the city of Morlaidn at the same time Caellich exposes Deraegis only to get stabbed from behind by Deraegis himself. Laethwen was lucky as she could be in this kind of situation as she gets a chance to see her father on his death's bed as he was able to hold out until he saw her.

     Laethwen says Goodbye
    Laethwen says Goodbye

    Laethwen's romance with Atom also ends as Deraegis is defeated. Atom saves the people of the city by absorbing the energy that would have killed everyone. Unfortunately the absorption of the power caused Atom to enlarge to his normal height and destroy the city. He was also unable to shrink back down to size at that time so he could not say goodbye to Laethwen. Atom was also lost in the Brazilian Jungle so he could not easily relocate her. Atom was later miraculously found and taken to a hospital where he scorns his wife Jean and seemingly makes plans to find Laethwen.

    Blackest Night

    For more information see: Blackest Night

    It is unclear if Laethwen is dead or alive, due to the fact that she appears as a Black Lantern, but only inside of an Indigo Tribe ring that Ray entered to chase down Black Lantern Jean.

    Powers and Abilities

    Unlike Ray, Laethwen is always at microscopic level and thus does not change in size. As a member of a warrior society she has some skill in martial combat.


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