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    Homicidal killer turned homicidal killer cyborg, Maxine Manchester was recruited to be part of WildC.A.T.S while the real team was off-world.

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    Maxine Manchester, Ladytron, was created by writer Alan Moore, and artist Travis Charest. She was created during the period when Image Comics published the Wildstorm imprint.


    When she was young, Maxine ran away from home to avoid sexual abuse from her father. However, in WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams #22 - Cat's Cradle, it is mentioned that she was eventually placed in the foster care system, and was later ejected from a psychiatric facility for being "too disruptive." Striking out on her own, Maxine turned to a life of crime to support herself. She would rob and kill to get what she needed. After a crime spree that included armed robbery and left five people dead and wounded seventeen others, Maxine was shot multiple times during a gunfight with police in Newark. Her life was saved however when a Dr. Khaz used robotic parts to replace her damaged body. She used her new form to escape the prison infirmary she was recovering, making her way towards Chicago. At one point, she was recaptured by Khaz, who informed her of a robot built before her he christened Stanley. Khaz saw himself as a father to Stan, and he needed her help to find his "son." However, after finding him, Maixne soon fell in love with Stan's own homicidal tendencies. They embarked upon a crime spree together, and even wed during this time. The couple found that they wanted the Doctor dead, but he had been prepared for such a contingency and had an override in place. He took control of Stan and made him attack his wife. She killed both Stanley and his creator before returning to her lone life of crime.



    During a mission the super hero team, the Wild.C.A.T.s had gone missing and were thought to have died. In their place Mr. Majestic and Savant chose to put together a new fighting team and they chose Maxine, along with Tao and Condition Red. However Mr. Majestic was against allowing her to be in the group, but Savant wanted the group to have another female member aside from herself, and Tao also wanted her on the team and used his skills of persuasion to get Majestic to back down. The other members picked her up as she was attempting to steal money from a heroin deal at a Thai restaurant in Chicago. Tao subdued her by causing her to ingest a large amount of heroin. Once captured, Maxine was placed in a virtual reality prison designed by Tao, which had the secondary effect of focusing her violent tendencies towards the team's goals. She also gradually found herself falling for her comrade, Condition Red, but he did not reciprocate her feelings. He was adamant about avoiding her advances and even used his wounds during an explosion to get away from her. Maxine became very upset and took this out on the person who caused his injuries. Along with Spartan, Condition Red's assailant told her that it was their teammate, Tao, who gave the orders to attack them. Along with the rest of the team she confronted him about the incident and he was found to be a criminal genius who had been using the team to start a Gang War. Despite his lack of true powers, he was able to use his wits to do a great deal of damage to the group. Tao was able to disconnect the cooling unit for her nuclear core. It would have gone critical if Majestic had not removed it and flown it into space to freely detonate. The battle ended when Majestic returned killing him, though Maxine has suffered a great deal of damage. In order to repair her she was brought to the Church of Gort. The Church is made up of robots and cyborgs who felt all life was indeed sacred. She soon became a member and followed in their teachings. Majestic had became enthusiastic about her new found faith. However, she only viewed machine life as sacred, but Majestic still felt this was better than her previous style. Ttrouble arose in the Church and some of it's patrons felt she was too organic and attacked her.

    Halo Corporation

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    After abandoning the Church, Maxine met Condition Red's brother, Grifter, but her personality led him to send her to the offices of the Halo Corporation to get rid of her. She found that Grifter's teammate, Voodoo had been wounded in an attack by Slaughterhouse Smith's grandson, Samuel Smith. Maxine decided to get back at him for his attack. To this end, she attacked guests at a hotel who shared Smith's surname. This effort proved fruitless, but eventually, she encountered the right Smith, who was more powerful than Maxine was prepared for. She was damaged very badly. Maxine appeared again after her body was reprogrammed by Noir. He altered her form and controlled her as a weapon against the corporation, but her form was beaten by Hadrian. She was then again remote controlled this time by Grifter who had his legs wounded and used her to perform his missions; this was short lived as his legs regenerated soon after.

    World's End

    World's End
    World's End

    After the Reaper clones of the High ruined the Earth and all its resources, Ladytron along with the rest of the Wildcats now protected L.A. from the Halo Building, which is the only location that still has power due to their unending batteries. Mr. Majestic repeatedly attacks the building for supplies to send back to his new home in Hawaii. He asks some of the team to come but doesn't ask Ladytron due to her anti-social behavior. She takes part in the teams missions to find the oasis that was thought to have been made by the Engineer but actually created by Tumbleweed. Later, the team's old enemies, the Daemonites come to L.A., now able to survive there unaided. After a battle between the WildC.A.T.s and the Daemonites, the two groups formed an uneasy treaty.

    Ladytron then rallied a group of robots and cyborgs belonging to the Church of Gort to fight against the Daemonites, which disolved the treaty. She made the humans understand that the robots and humans need to work together if they expect to live through this crisis. Nemesis and Backlash later leave the team expecting Majestic's offer to relocate in Hawaii but they later send a distress call to the team asking them for help. Voodoo, having assumed the mantle as the team's leader, tells Ladytron to stay behind because of her relationship with Majestic, but after the team leaves, the Daemonites get ready to attack their now vulnerable base.

    New 52

    Maxine Manchester has reappeared in New 52 continuity.

    Powers And Abilities

    Ladytron is a cyborg and like any other, her physical form is stronger and more durable than humans. She can survive bullets being fired at her and lift objects as heavy as an automobile. Her body was made to be used as a weapon and she has many different guns and weapons built right into her. Her mouth is even armed with a sonic cannon. As a cyborg, Maxine can survive being destroyed as long as some one can repair her and can also have her mechanical parts upgraded.


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