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    The hero known as Ladyhawk is actually two people, twins Regina and Rosetta Morgan. Created to avenge the death of Falcon at the hands of their criminal father they later joined the New Warriors.

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    Regina and Rosetta Morgan are twins that began their crime fighting career in a very unlikely way. Their father, Mr. Morgan, is a upper level criminal/mobster that was encountering resistance from the super hero of the streets, Falcon; Sam Wilson that would grow to become a heated rivalry. This would be the ember that would start the wildfire known as Ladyhawk. Mr. Morgan would finally find success and end the battling between himself and Falcon when he killed Falcon. His daughters were witnessed the act and decided then that they had to do something. Before they could though, their parents would divorce and the girls would be separated. One would stay with their father and the other would leave with their mother. This would only hinder then slightly as they would shortly regroup and join forces creating the costumed crime fighter known as Ladyhawk. They trained regularly and became very skilled martial artists and mastered many different weapons. They even created shurikens shaped like falcons in remembrance of the fallen hero. On top of that they based their costume design on one of Falcon's very first costumes.

    Once done they started their war on crime. During their time fighting crime they even joined the team the New Warriors. The quite almost as soon as they joined, finding that they we better fit as solo warriors. As a rule they never went on field together. They wanted the public to believe that it was only one girl, not too. That also meant that if one was no longer able to preform as Ladyhawk, the other would take over. Even though they had a plan set in the event that this happened they never thought it would happen. During a heated battle Rosetta was badly injured, nearly dieing. She would be paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. This would change the situation a bit. Regina then took over full-time duties and Ladyhawk, while Rosetta stuck to her computer knowledge to aid her sister any way she could. Shortly after the incident they found that the attack on Rosetta originated from their father Mr. Morgan. It was then that they focused their rage on their father and his downfall.


    Both individuals that wear the Ladyhawk costume are not actually super powered but are highly trained fighters. Regina has proved to be the better of the two when it comes to unarmed combat, while Rosetta has proved to be more tech savvy of the two.


    Known Relatives:

    Regina & Rosetta Morgan (twin sisters), Mr. Morgan (Father) & Ms. Morgan (Mother)


    Citizen of the United States

    Place of Birth:


    Marital Status:



    Student & Adventurer



    Unique Traits:

    Due to injuries, Rosetta is now wheelchair-bound.












    as both individuals who wears the costume are twins, the characteristics are identical and the smae for both

    Alternate Realities

    Ladyhawk has yet to appear in any alternate realities besides the one that she first appears in.


    Ladyhawk was created by Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz.


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