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    A Disney character whose starring role was of course in 'Lady And The Tramp' in 1955.

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    Lady was created as a character to star in the animated Disney move 'Lady And The Tramp'. Going from a puppy, to a mother, in the film. As well as going through a lot of turmoil, including the troubles of a romance that wasn't meant to be as well as being pushed out of her owners lives by their baby, Lady's character grew to be one of the most loved Disney characters of all.


    She was created by the writers at Disney and was brought to life by the voice of Barbara Luddy in the film 'Lady And The Tramp.'

    Character Evolution

    As mentioned before, Lady has evolved throughout the from an adolescent puppy, to an adult and then eventually into a mother of her own puppies. As an adult she was young and naive and although not necessarily impulsive, she was easily lead by others into doing impulsive things, namely Tramp. However when she became a mother, she grew to be much more mature and responsible.

    Major Story Arcs

    Lady And The Tramp

    In the original film, which then spawned a sequel, Lady was the main character who in the storyline was a 'high class' and demure character, which much opposed the character of 'Tramp' who was just that a tramp.

    When still a puppy Lady was given to a family consisting of characters named 'Darling' and 'John Dear' and when she was six months of age, she was tagged and given a collar, making sure that if she ever ran away she could be found easily. When it is revealed that her owners are going to have a baby, she first meets Tramp, and although not obvious that an attraction would be there, he sparks of a chain of events that would eventually lead to their love. When Darling has her baby, Lady is given a bit of the cold shoulder, but none the less acts as the perfect dog as she always has.

    John Dear and Darling later have to go on a trip, and so their newborn baby and Lady are left in the house with Aunt Sarah. After Lady has a run in with her two cats Si and Am, she is punished by Aunt Sarah by having a muzzle put on her. Panicked and not knowing why she is being treated so badly, Lady runs away and eventually runs into Tramp, who helps her take her muzzle off. Taking Lady out on the town, Tramp shows her how he lives on the streets, and the two have a dinner (where the iconic meatball kiss scene takes place.) Walking Lady home, Tramp leaves her, but she is picked up by a dog catcher and taken to the pound. Due to her collar and chips, she is eventually picked up by Aunt Sarah, but not before she learns all about Tramp's former girlfriends.

    When taken home, Aunt Sarah ties her to her doghouse outside, where she can not break free. Tramp comes to visit her, in order to apologize, but she rebuffs him as she is still angry over the knowledge she has learnt regarding his former girlfriends. However, after seeing a rat about to enter the babies room, she gets over her anger and orders Tramp to go and stop the rat from doing any harm to the baby.

    Watching Tramp run off after the rat, Lady struggles against what is tying her to the doghouse harder and harder until she is finally freed and is able to chase after Tramp to aid him into saving the baby from any harm. After a struggle with the rat, Aunt Sarah walks into the baby's room and immediately accuses both Lady and Tramp of wanting to hurt the baby, and so calls the dog catcher. While Tramp is taken off to the pound, Lady is locked in the basement, saddened by what has happened to her and Tramp in such a short space of time.

    Soon after the dog catcher leaves the house, Darling and John Dear return from their trip and they release lady form her imprisonment in the basement. Trying to free Tramp's name, and to save him from the pound, Lady runs into the baby's room once again and shows everyone the dead rat. By doing this, everyone realises what had actually happened and that Tramp was also trying to save the baby from the rat. Along with John Dear, Lady rushes after the dog catcher, and eventually stops him. Skipping to Christmas, it is revealed that much like Lady, Tramp has been given a collar and has been chipped and been welcomed into the family. It is also revealed that the two have had a litter of four puppies.

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