Lady Zorro

    Character » Lady Zorro appears in 26 issues.

    An female impostor of Zorro that mistakes his crusade as inspiration for her desire for vengeance.

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    Little is as of yet known of her background, save that at some point in her past her husband was murdered by agent of the corrupt government and she seeks vengeance against the killers.


    Her first appearance was in Zorro Rides Again #10 in 2012. The cover of the issue is made up to look as though it says Lady Zorro Rides Again. She was created by Matt Wagner and John K Snyder III.

    Character Evolution

    As a relatively new character with limited appearances, she has not exhibited much character development. The majority of it seems to have occurred before her first appearance, as she goes from a dedicated wife, to a vigilante fueled by revenge.

    Major Story Arcs

    She has thus only appeared in the one story line in Zorro Rides Again. As she cuts her way across the agents of the corrupt, she leaves the tell tale sign of Zorro. Zorro is displeased, especially as the authorities think he is becoming increasingly brutal. Zorro vows to find her and enlists the aid of a priest who finds her with the aid of some children due the broken horseshoes that her horse uses. Zorro confronts her and tells her she cannot continue like this, and then she engages him in combat.

    Powers and Abilities

    She is an able swordswoman and exhibits other abilities which might be associated with Zorro, including stealth and planning.


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