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    Lady Weeds is a former avatar of the Green that was active during the Victorian era, she is sadistic and manipulative while also possessing a strong loathing for the Red. She was the cause of the Great Potato Famine in Ireland. After a failed betrayal of the current avatar of the Green, Alec Holland, she was paralyzed and later made the first avatar of the Machine Kingdom.

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    Lady Weeds is one of the crueler former avatar's of the Green, she was active as the avatar during the 1800's Victorian era and enjoys killing and mutilating living creature's at any opportunity she gets, she was also directly responsible for the Great Potato Famine that killed nearly a million people in Ireland at the time.


    Lady Weeds were created in 2013 by Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz for DC's New 52 run of Swamp Thing, her debut was made in the second Swamp Thing annual book where she appeared as a mysterious former avatar residing in the Green.

    Major Story Arcs

    Encounters with Swamp Thing

    Lady Weeds were first introduced to Swamp Thing by The Wolf who believed she could assist Swamp Thing in further developing his abilities in order to prepare him for the upcoming battle against Jason Woodrue, after successfully teaching Swamp Thing how to use his powers more creatively Lady Weeds accepted several farm animals that she would mutilate as payment for her services before returning to seclusion.

    As the only known Avatar to ever attempt to escape the Green, Swamp Thing eventually came to ask for Lady Weeds help once more in order to escape the Green and return to earth as we know it. Lady Weeds agreed and brought him to the one place were the Green touches the earth, a secluded part of the Green known as The Grove. The Grove is where the Parliament of Tree's resides in the Green, since they are in the Green however the Parliament is seen for what they really are - five of the eldest and most powerful avatar's connected to a tear between the Green and Earth. Lady Weeds violently severs the connection evoking their anger, having neglected to tell Swamp Thing her full plan before this moment she tells him they will have to kill the avatar's in order to escape through the tear, something that she had planned for decades but never before attempted knowing she could not possibly defeat them all on her own, but with Swamp Thing at her side she finally has the opportunity to return to earth.

    Understanding how dangerous it would be to let Lady Weeds back onto Earth, Swamp Thing left a now wounded Lady Weeds behind as he entered the tear while attempting to seal the rift behind him. After a successful return and restoring his powers Swamp Thing put all the avatar's of the Green into a deep sleep except for the three that had helped him, Brother Jonah, The Wolf and Lady Weeds who he brought with him to earth, however they were now limited to powerless human forms. Now back on earth as a human Lady Weeds unknowingly to Swamp Thing sets out in order to find a way to restore her former powers.

    Powers and Abilities

    As an avatar of the Green Lady Weeds has demonstrated powers similar to if not superior to Swamp Thing's, these powers include such thing's as Size Manipulation, Plant Control, Plant Servants and Shape Shifting. It is safe to assume her capabilities are similar to those of Swamp Thing.

    As a human she is yet to demonstrate any real abilities other then a cruel mindset and strong intellect.

    As an avatar of the Metal, Lady Weeds displays the power to control and appear on all screens as well as fashion machine like bodies for others.


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