Lady Vic

    Character » Lady Vic appears in 111 issues.

    Descending from a line of wealthy English aristocratic mercenaries, she wields the heirlooms of her descendants trade (Flintlock Pistols and various melee weapons) with an exceptional degree of skill.

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    Lady Vic
    Lady Vic

    Lady Vic or "Lady Victim" is the sobriquet of Lady Elaine Marshe-Morton, one of a long and distinguished lines of British mercenaries extending back to her family's Norman roots. Aided and abetted by valet Bivens and an arsenal of exotic weapons, all relics of her ancestors' military excursions, Lady Vic operates as a hired killer to prevent foreclosure on her family estate. Recently, Lady Vic accepted a sizable contract with Blüdhaven mobster Angel Marin, who refused to make payment. In order to collect, Lady Vic threatened Marin's lawyer Maxwell Reed, thus drawing the attention of Nightwing, who rescued Reed and his daughter and caused the assassin to lose her cherished ancestral Bundi daggers. To recoup her losses, Lady Vic became one of several hired killers on retainer for Roland Desmond, each anxious to bring Blockbuster the head of Nightwing on a silver platter.

    Lady Vic was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation.

    Lady Vic joined a splinter group of the Secret Six. Deadshot shot her in the kneecaps while in Skataris. She was the only member left there while the others went stateside to meet with Amanda Waller.

    The New 52

    Lady Vic in the New 52
    Lady Vic in the New 52

    After the Flashpoint, Lady Vic is shown to be a mercenary hired for a job in India where she was contacted for another job to strike at Wayne Enterprises. In Gotham City, she detonated a bomb in Wayne Enterprises Headquarters and also offered him a million dollars for every superhero dressed in Batman suit or two million for Batman himself. This saw her come into confrontation with Batwing where she managed to disable Luke Fox's suit and threw him off the building.

    After updating his suit, Batwing tracked Lady Vic to her hotel and attacked by spraying her with Fear Toxin laced bat stickers that messed with her neurons and compelled her to tell the truth wherein she revealed that she was hired by Charlie Caligula, to destroy the Wayne building and kill any Bat related character's she came across.


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    Lady Vic's arsenal includes Kukhris, Kris daggers, Thuggee strangling cloth, Zulu Knobkerry and Zul Asegai spear. She also favors the Webley-Fosberry .455 revolver.


    • Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
    • Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Platinum blonde


    • Identity: Secret Identity
    • Occupation: Assassin
    • Citizenship: British
    • Place of Birth: England
    • Marital Status: Single

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