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    The daughter of a wealthy British nobleman, Katrina Sutherland was offered a second chance at life by MI-5 after a horse-riding accident left her critically injured. Outfitted with the finest augmentations they could offer, she worked for the organization for several years before going freelance.

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    Born in to a wealthy British family, Katrina comes from- in her own words- "a long line of drinkers and gamblers." Not much of her earlier childhood is known, save for the fact that her father gambled away much of the Sutherland Family's fortune before she was born. However, there was a small trust fund in her name that he couldn't touch, enough to allow her to enroll at Oxford. It was there that she excelled at both her studies, and "the old aristocratic sports," such as fencing, shooting sports, and horseback riding. Many of her instructors said that her skills in these activities were good enough to meet the Olympic standard, if she were to take that option.

    However, it was the latter of those three sports that prevented that from becoming a reality for her.

    Grievously injured after falling from her horse and being trampled during a race, Katrina was rendered bedridden and crippled, the insurance refusing to pay out because she had knocked back some champagne prior to riding. Things looked bleak for Katrina, until "a drab little man" visited her at the hospital, stating his employers had been keeping an eye on her for a while, and that they had the technology to "rebuild" her in exchange for her services. The man was with British Intelligence, MI-5, and the agency made good on their promise, paying for military-grade augmentations to enhance and improve Katrina's already impressive abilities, before putting her to work as a field agent. Thanks to her natural talents, and the edge her new cybernetics gave her over flesh-and-blood humans, Katrina took to espionage rather quickly, and excelled at it.

    After 10 years with the agency, Katrina left to pursue her own designs, taking her weapons-grade augmentations with her. She then went to spend 18 months or so as a member of Belltower Associates Incorporated, a private military contracting company. However, neither "saw eye-to-eye" in terms of morality, so she left to work for freelance for Britannia Resolutions. While the organization offered a wide variety of services to their clients- ranging from combat operations to criminal investigations and pursuit- their real specialty was taking down rogue agents with augmentations, and seeing as a number of corporations and intelligence agencies employed such operatives, business was good.

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