Lady Spellbinder

    Character » Lady Spellbinder appears in 25 issues.

    Lady Spellbinder was the original Spellbinder's girlfriend, until she murdered him to gain more power. Her primary foes are Batman and the Birds of Prey.

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    Fay was created by Chuck Dixon and Staz Johnson. She first appears during Detective Comics #681, during the events of Underworld Unleashed.


    Fay Moffit was the girlfriend of the original Spellbinder, but when he refused the demon Neron's offer of greater power, Fay murdered Spellbinder to gain those powers for herself. She can now create lifelike illusions that even fool the sense of touch, but her powers only work when her eyes are open. During her first encounter with Batman and Robin she used her illusions to escape from the duo. Batman soon deduces that the only way to battle her is to be guided by someone else, which he has Robin do to great success.

    Shortly afterwards she battle the Birds of Prey, following her being hired by Blockbuster to capture Oracle, being defeated by Oracle herself by blinding her with a fire extinguisher before being apprehended by the police. She soon ends up on Apokolips along with several other villains, who battle forces from there before being transported back to Earth to the Slab.

    After being back on Earth, she is one of the villains affected during the Joker's Last Laugh, battling Black Canary along with other villains during her infiltration of the Slab and later Nightwing and Batman being knocked out by Batman and not seen for the rest of the riot.

    She and the Trigger Twins were killed during Infinite Crisis by several gun-toting superheroes.


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