Lady Serpent

    Character » Lady Serpent appears in 12 issues.

    Lady Serpent is a villain with two poisonous pet snakes.

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    Lady Serpent is a Golden Age, Public Domain supervaillain and nemesis of the Black Terror. A femme fatale, who wasn't shy about her murders. She would even wear two poisoners pet snakes around her arms like bracelets. Her victims would die through hypnosis, or venomous snakes, she all but all were guaranteed a gruesome death. She had an obsessive love of gemstones, which would prove to be her downfall on more than one occasion, as the Black Terror was able to use that weakness against her. Still, she was as slippery as her deadly pets, and was at least once able to roll right back out of jail, a mere two hours after the Black Terror had put her away.

    Character Evolution

    Lady Serpent is reinvented in Project Superpowers and still a nemesis of Black Terror. She worked with other Black Terror villains like Red Ann and Nazi Torch but is eventually killed by Pandora.


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