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Lady Sensua, was born in her first form as pure energy in space, formed by the ever growing force of the universe. This pure energy form was hungry and founded the Whehni (a highly intelectual race), in a hungry rage she consumed the large majority of the race, they later excaped into a different dimension/universe. This form of lady sensua then founded the pitiful and weak race, Humans. after realising the potential of the human race she searched for a way of binding herself to the humans in a way that she would be able to eventually take control over them. The pure energy form found her way to residence of the pregnant Lady Sarah Montrose (Wife of Lord Montrose). the pure energ form impanted itself into the unborn baby.
7 months later, she was born a healthy girl named Lady Ciela (ciela originating from spanish(?) for "from the sky" or "from heaven") Montrose, immediately her mother felt that she was unnatural. as she grew up to her teenage years she proved her elite intellect and began to work a new power of hers; the power "the erotic power of the female form...". 
after killing her mother she later met, married and manipulated Ambassador Dalton Sensua. This is when she aquired the name Lady Sensua (through marriage). she made Dalton form the universal organisation known as Plan*Net (planetary network), after the creation of Plan*Net she turns Dalton into a stone statue, he is assumed dead by the population and Lady Sensua takes position as boss of Plan*Net.
she uses this power to hunt down the Wehni (Xander being the last of the Wehni in this Universe).

Tekno profile

in issue #8 there is a segment called Tekno Spotlight and this is just a little insight into who this sensual villian is. 

Hobbies: Devouring the souls of of the endangered Black Ghosts, 'cause they're really tasty. Horticulture. I also run a shain of stores in the San Fransisco area dealing exclusively in skintight, red leather. i have other interests, but i can't describe them in a comic book.
Favourite movie: The Last Seduction was the best film i've seen in years. People expect me to say Star Wars, but Darth Vader was a wuss.
Favourite Authors: None. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawkings annoy me, though. I was at the beginning of the universe. it was no big shakes.
Career Highlights: Driving a whole species to extinction to fulfil my insatiable hunger, toying with the minds of men who think they have power... um...let's see... Oh, face it! i'm pure evil! everything i do is a career highlight, and there's nothing you pathetic snivelling little creatures can do to stop me!


a little extra

Lady sensua seems to have an issue getting close to people, she craves to have someone to care for and to love her.

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