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Lady Rawhide in Dynamite series
Lady Rawhide in Dynamite series

Anita Santiago was driven to create her own costumed identity to seek revenge against the Commandante of Los Angeles, Captain Enrique Monasterio who inflected terrible injures on her brother, Roman Santiago. Anita's hatred for Zorro came about when her brother, Roman, was falsely mistaken as being Zorro by the nefarious Captain Enrique Monasterio who shot Roman point black which ended up permanently blinding Roman, and disfiguring left half of his face. Since then, Anita swore that she would make Zorro pay with his life.

What seemed like a simple task for vendetta became more complicated after she met her adversary that she eventually fell in love and came to respect what Zorro stood for. She would eventually adopt his goal to fight injustice and help the helpless against the wicked and corrupt.


Lady Rawhide was created by Don McGregor and Mike Mayhew

Character Evolution

Lady Rawhide
Lady Rawhide

Lady Rawhide would occasionally assist Zorro in many of his adventures, as well as have adventures of her own. Some of her adventures led her to save a Russian immigrant from the town's people accusing him for a murder he didn’t commit. Lady Rawhide would eventually catch the real serial killer in the act and clear the man’s name. Lady Rawhide would also save an innocent man who was being accused by his vindictive wife for molesting children. The woman turned the village against the man by manipulating her young son to lie about his father molesting him and other children. Eventually Lady Rawhide would uncover the truth from the young boy who confessed about the lie he was forced to tell. Lady Rawhide rescued the man from the vicious mob who were out for blood as well as Star Wolf who would have killed him for taking refuge in her tribes sacred land.

Major Story Arcs

Lady Rawhide vs. Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever
Scarlet Fever

Lady Rawhide would be in the biggest fight of her life when she battled Scarlet Fever and her crew of vicious pirates. Fever and her pirates hijacked the Evangelista vessel and her crew along with Anita and Roman who were passengers on the ship. In a grueling duel with Scarlet Fever, Lady Rawhide was severely wounded after getting her chest slashed across by Scarlet's sword which contained traces of gangrene at the tip of the blade. Lady Rawhide somehow escaped from the pirates grasp and passed out down the deck below where she stayed hidden from Scarlet Fever and her men.

Unfortunately her brother Roman was knocked over board and drowned in the sea with the rest of the crew. She was then found by Carmelita Rodriguez, a passenger on the hijacked ship and a vampire who lived in secrecy. With Lady Rawhide almost dying, Carmelita nursed her back to health by sucking out the poison. In doing so Carmelita healed Lady Rawhide's wound and prevented her from dying.

Lady Rawhide was last seen returning to fight Scarlet Fever again, and discovering a coffin which revealed a rotten skeletal remains of a corpse. The series was ended abruptly in a cliff hanger, which left Lady Rawhide's fate unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Apart from being an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, Lady Rawhide possess great swordsmanship skills, equivalent to Zorro. She's quite agile and often uses a bullrope to subdue her foes, climb rooftops, or swing by rafters. As far as personality goes, Lady Rawhide is extremely cocky. She uses psychological tactics to outwit her enemies such as her revealing costume, which serves as a distraction when fighting them. She often taunts her foes to get under their skin, which usually works in her favor.

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