Lady Rainicorn

    Character » Lady Rainicorn appears in 41 issues.

    Princess Bubblegum's rainicorn companion. Lady Rainicorn is also Jake's girlfriend.

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    Lady Rainicorn is the companion pet of the Princess of Candyland, Princess Bubblegum. She resembles a Unicorn, but has a rainbow shaped body that can twist and turn in various manners. She is especially close with Jake the dog. Recently her and Jake had 5 puppys: T.V., Charlie, Jake Jr, Kim Kil Whan, and Viola. Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean, and requires a Universal Translator to speak English.


    Lady Rainicorn is created by Pendleton Ward for the animated television show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. She is voiced by Niki Yang. Lady Rainicorn first appears in the 2012 comic Adventure Time written by Ryan North with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lady Rainicorn possesses the powers of flight and phasing, and the ability to stretch to a limited degree. She can change the color of things. Despite her lack of fingers, she is an accomplished viola player.


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