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Lana Jensen and her husband Rick Jensen, were the first married astronaut. On one of their flights to the moon, something went wrong. When they returned to Earth, they were taken to NASA Decom, where that night they changed. Lana changed into Lady Luna, a monstrous beast that could fly, pass though solid objects, and decrease gravitational fields.

That first night, Lady Luna and her husband, who changed from Rick to Moonrock, killed at least fifteen people. The next morning, Lady Luna changed back to Lana, and her and Rick were taken to STAR Labs where scientist have been trying to stop the transformation that happens every time they see the moon.

Major Story Arcs

Jokers Last Laugh

For more information see: Joker: Last Laugh

Lana and Rick are testing one of STAR Labs latest inventions in an attempt to stop the change. The attempt is a failure and on top of changing into Lady Luna and Moonrock, the Joker shows up. He makes the couple a deal, he will free them if they kill Harley Quinn. They agree, and to keep them honest Joker douses them with Joker gas, making them crazy.

The couple try to kill Harley but instead she uses he blood as an anti-toxin to the Joker's gas. The side effect it now Rick changes into Moonrock during the day and Lana changes into Lady Luna at night.

Lana is last seen being carried off by Moonrock swearing that he and Lady Luna would be back together.


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