Lady Luck

    Character » Lady Luck appears in 22 issues.

    A wicked Fable who eats brains.

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    Lady Luck appeared out of no where in Las Vegas, apparently coming from Americana. She quickly adapted to modern life and would soon strike a deal with most of the casino owners, she'd take the apparent luckiest customer there and eat their brains. From an old ancient Greek belief that the luck came from the brains, but there was more to this apparent deal. Anyone who didn't abide to her wishes would meet an unfortunate end, most likely due to her own influences. One of the casino owners that knew of her was Maurice Wagner. While its unknown why, Lady Luck took her time and decided to wait until Maurice's daughter Holly got married. What she didn't know was that Holly was married to a fellow Fable Jack Horner. She had her Belgian allies Hugo Lambert Jean-Marc Lambert, and floor casino manager Dan Ferrell arranged an accident to happen to Maurice's car. This accident caused Holly her life as well, leaving Jack widowed.
    When word came around that Jack had survived the apparent expulsion, she invited him to her home and confronted him. During a struggle with her Belgian allies, Jack and Gary the Pathetic Fallacy escaped her clutches. After learning information from Dan, Jack and Gary helped saved Aubrey from being Lady Luck's next victim. After a heated battle, they defeated Lady Luck and escaped again with a suite case. Before Lady Luck could act, she was caught by Priscilla Page and threatened to kill her with a gun made by her own lucky horseshoe. She was later transported to Golden Boughs Retirement Community to be an imprisoned Fable by Mister Revise. There at Golden Boughs, its revealed she fled the Fable homeland Americana, in order to escape Bookburner
    Lady Luck was one of Goldilocks' revolutionaries, who believed Bookburner and his army was coming to save them from their captivity at Golden Boughs. Ironically, it was Bookburner's army that shot the revolutionaries down when they finally did arrive. Apparently, she survived, as she cropped up in the final Jack of Fables story arc, The Ultimate Jack of Fables Story. She is killed by the Page Sisters in a chaotic battle in the final issue


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