Lady Liberators

    Team » Lady Liberators appears in 61 issues.

    An all-female superhero team led by Valkyrie and formerly led by Amora the Enchantress and later She-Hulk.

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    Amora the Enchantress unites the female Avengers against their male counterparts. Enchantress is joined by Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Medusa, and Black Widow. United as the Lady Liberators, the group first initially aided the male members of the Avengers against the Masters of Evil, before turning on them, defeating them. However, Enchantress attempted to then eliminate the Liberators which backfired when Wanda utilized her hex powers. With the Enchantress defeated, both genders of the Avengers soon reunited, and things went back to normal.

    Much later on, She Hulk puts together a team of female heavy hitters, under the name Lady Liberators. Her new team consists of Valkyrie, Tigra, Thundra, Invisible Woman, Storm, Spider-Woman, Black Widow and Hellcat, in an effort to defeat the Red Hulk.


    Lady Liberators was created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Tom Palmer, and first appeared in the Avengers #83, released in 1970. Although their original appearance was brief, the concept was popular enough to be referenced now and then, and eventually revitalized.

    Team Evolution

    1st Assemble

    A group of female superheroes that were led by the Enchantress.

    2nd Assemble

    She-Hulk gathered a group of female superheroes to track Jazinda and then to take down the Red Hulk.

    Major Story Arcs

    She Hulk organizes a team of powerful female heroes to deal with and neutralize the Red Hulk, after the red creature attacks and devastates her. Initially only Valkyrie and Thundra are able to answer her call, but during the course of their battle with the Red Hulk, more of her friends join in. Not long after this, She Hulk decides to keep the team available for occasions where such a team may prove valuable.


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