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    Lady Gaga is a famous pop music star who appears in Blue Waters Comics Fame. She is a international success and currently has four albums out, also a collaborative jazz album with Tony Bennett.

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    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who's known by the media and fans as her stage name Lady Gaga. Stefani was born in Yonkers, New York with her Italian parents Cynthia whose maiden name was Bissett and her father Joe Germanotta. Whenever Gaga was bad when she was a young child her mother used to sit her near the piano as a punishment hoping Gaga would eventually play. Back then Gaga was a very spiteful little girl so it took her a while to finally decide to learn the piano but once she finally decided to play it at the young age of 4 years old. When Stefani was 14 years old her mother would take her to clubs so Gaga could play songs with her high school band which was a Led Zepplin cover band. At the age of 17, she was accepted a place in the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. During her second year of Tisch Gaga dropped out as she felt as she could teach herself about art. She started to perform in the Lower East Side of New York club scene. This is where everything changed for Stefani as she met her mentor Lady Starlight who helped Stefani transform to Lady Gaga.

    Lady Gaga is now known as a controversial figure in the music industry due to her outstanding unusual outfits and her songs that touch many subjects the audience are sensitive about such as sex, media, and fame. How did Lady Gaga become a professional singer? You can thank Akon due to him signing her up to a record company. Shortly after this her debut album The Fame was released in October 2008. The album broke dozens of records including for being the number one album for 12 consecutive weeks. Her crazy, electro/retro alternative pop fashion sense was drawn from inspirations like Grace Jones, David Bowie, and Elton John. Her fashion sense has attracted more attention than her music, and Ms. Gaga now even has her own Fashion house: The Haus Of Gaga.

    Her second album: The Fame Monster, is a deluxe edition of The Fame that includes eight new songs such as the hits "Bad Romance, Telephone, and Alejandro". This era deals with the dark side of the fame and where fans called her 'Mama Monster'. 'Dance In The Dark' talks about the fear of a girl having sex with the lights on as she's embarrassed of her body. 'Speechless' was written to convince Stefani's dad to get open heart surgery so it was dedicated to him and her grandfather. 'Teeth' talks about the fear of sex and 'So Happy I Could Die' talks about a fear of alcohol. The whole concept of this album is fear and men.

    Then, her third and current album that's out "Born This Way" is an inspirational album that talks about politics, spirituality, and religion. This is her first album that has different music elements besides pop such as heavy metal, rock, disco, and opera. Gaga got more musical control on this album than her previous ones and RedOne is one of the producers again of this album just as he was for The Fame and Fame Monster. At the 2011 Grammy's Lady Gaga thanked Whitney Houston for inspiring her for Born This Way as Gaga would picture her sing it. Madonna and Bruce Springsteen also have inspired her album majorly with the beats and lyrics. On June 1st Born This Way became the fastest selling album of 2011 so far proving that Lady Gaga will stick around a lot longer than what people expected. The album has sold over 5 million worldwide and still counting so far.

    Lady Gaga is also an actress with appearances in Machete Kills and in the 2015 season of American Horror Story.


    Red and Blue (2006)

    Only about 1,000 of these copies got out.
    Only about 1,000 of these copies got out.

    The Fame (2008)

    The Fame Monster (2009)

    Born This Way (2011)

    ARTPOP (2013)

    Cheek to Cheek (2014)

    Joanne (2016)

    Singles (including promotionals)

    Just Dance

    Poker Face

    Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

    Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

    Christmas Tree



    Dance In The Dark


    Your Song (featuring Elton John)

    Bad Romance



    Born This Way


    The Edge Of Glory


    3-Way (featuring The Golden Rule)

    You And I

    Marry The Night


    Do What U Want


    Fun Facts

    Her nickname 'Gaga' came from Queen's song 'Radio Gaga'

    Lady Gaga was a brunette until she was mistaken for Amy Winehouse then she dyed her hair blonde

    In 2005 she appeared on MTV's reality show 'Boiling Points'

    Gaga studied with Christina Aguilera's vocal coach

    Lady Gaga's sister Natali appears in the music video 'Telephone' as the brunette in the cell with Gaga

    Gaga writes songs every day and usually has hundreds of songs left over from albums that she decides to keep out

    She's been in an on and off relationship with Luc Carl for many years, in fact, You and I was written about him

    She was supposed to be the opening for Michael Jackson's tour 'This Is It' as he was a big fan of her

    Diagnosed with borderline positive Lupus wears wigs due to possibility of losing hair due to it (?)

    She's making her own foundation that her mother is helping her with called "Born This Way Foundation"


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