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Asteroth has tracked down Vandala and attacks her wanting the location of Lady Death that he might complete his task and destroy his masters destroyer. Vandala escapes through the nexus fearing that he is far too strong for her.
Meanwhile in the medieval realm Lady Death is calling herself Hope and for many months has integrated herself into the world and is enjoying life once more. She is the adopted daughter of the king and queen and with her power fully restored she uses it for good and prosperity comes to the land. 
One evening she rides to the pond and bathes not knowing that Asteroth has arrived and laid waste the kingdom with his fiery hands. Vandala appears on the banks of the water and reveals she was her tormentor but now Asteroth means to destroy her and she has come to take them both to safety. Lady death refuses and arrives back home to see her adoptive father killed at the centaurs hands. 
Darkness comes to her hand on command and is even more wickedly vicious than ever. they clash and her powers are great but still Asteroth seems to have the edge in brute force.   even her angelic energy only slows him. She fains injury and leads him to the pond where she flips him into the waters and bathes him angelic energy until his corpse explodes. 
She returns to the city and buries her new parents. Vandala tells her of her destiny to decide the outcome of this war and she will take them to Asgard, to defend  the home of the Northmen from Genocide. Lady Death accepts and is ready for war.







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