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Scorpia leads the battle directly to the gates of Asgard, mustering the forces of genocide at the gates.

Lady Death rises and talks to Grimm, asking his name and finds out he is a thief but with noble aspirations when it comes to Asgard. With the noise of the siege rising she heads for Vandala where Frigga tells her that she needs to go to Nifheim and inform the Death Goddess Hel what is happening. Skoll appears out of thin air, a skull faced trapper who knows the hills better than any and vouched for by Grim, offering to take her there on his dragon.

Lady Death argues against leaving when she can effectively lead the troops in battle but agrees to the quest. Vulnavia watches the skies as Skoll's dragon passes over head and sees who rides it. Skoll opens a gateway with the chaos symbol and they arrive in Nifhelm almost instantly, a 9 day journey otherwise.

They arrive and find Hel dead. Lady Death questions Skoll how he knows so much and has such powers. He tells her his name is Bedlam and he is a Hopi Indian. When he was younger he tried to undo a great injustice by raising the chaos crest but released 8 families of evil. He travels time and space tracking them down to re-imprison them in the talisman. It seems the talisman was stolen by Genocide during his years of thievery and Bedlam is there to get it back. Lady Death summons Darkness and casting it into a graveyard and raises an army of undead soldiers.

On Wrathworld Vex is in mourning as she is imprisoned for her failures. At Genocide's Hammers the Scarboil clan, the mischievous creatures that raided the endless graveyard in The Crucible 1/2, are installing an object. The Chaos Talisman is installed at the apex of all 8 towers and crackles with energy. Genocide tells them the idea came to him when he read Lady Death's mind all those years ago and that Asgard is the key to its success.

At Asgard the tide is turning against the city and they are beaten back. Tyr shoves Thrall in despiration and escapes a charge with his life but is unaware that Brock wittnessed the incident. Tyr runs like a coward and the morale breaks. Moments later Lady Death, dressed in Hel's red outfit, appears astride a bone-dragon leading an army of undead bone-dragon riders. They charge as she and Scorpia both scream for each others blood.

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