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Lady Death has always been the BAD GIRL. But once upon a time, she was absolutely EVIL. Obsessed with annihilation, the diva of death sought to snuff out the entire human race and turn the earth into an endless graveyard. Thankfully, Lady Death changed her wicked ways to become a champion of the downtrodden and a scourge to demon-kind throughout Hell. For generations, the evil seething within the witch's soul lay dormant... forgotten... Until now.

APremiere EditionDiego Bernard, Alisson Rodriguez, Ceci de la Cruz1
BCosplay Edition (Ltd. 600)Ireland Reid (Model), Knightowlfoto (Photographer)2
CHomage Edition (Ltd. 500)Marat Mychaels, Dan Feldmeier, Ceci de la Cruz3
DHardcover Edition (Ltd. 666)Paolo Pantalena, Arif Prianto4
EJewel Edition (Ltd. 600)Warren Louw5
FNaughty Edition (Ltd. 600)Kendrick Lim6
GLenticular Edition (Ltd. 500)Dawn McTeigue7
HHeavy Metal Edition (Ltd. 300)Sorah Suhng, Kate Colors8
IMetallic Jewel Edition (Ltd. 188)Jesse Wichmann, Tevan9
JCandlemass Edition (Ltd. 188)Jesse Wichmann, Tevan10
KMonte Moore Edition (Ltd. 300)Monte Moore, Sanju Nivangune11
LNaughty Ladies Edition (Ltd. 188)Sun Khamunaki12
MNaughty Thoughts Edition (Ltd. 188)Sabine Rich13
NViolet Metal Edition (Ltd. 13)Dawn McTeigue14
OBlack Metal Edition (Ltd. 13)Mike Krome15
PLegend Editions (Ltd. 90)Stjepan Šejić16, 17, 18
QUltimate Editions (Ltd. 90)Lucio Parrillo19, 20, 21


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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