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    Character » Lady Chian appears in 45 issues.

    Lady Chian is a master swordswoman as well as a superb fighter with a dagger, the hand held blaster and other weaponry of her day.

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    Lady Chian was born around 45,000 years ago. She was the daughter of the master aryisan Sato, lord of the House of Shonan in Hoshan, one of the 12 states of Atlantis. Ages before, an ancestor of Chians rebelled unsuccessfully against the warlord who was his master. As punishment, Chian's ancestor was forced to swear that once each century a child from his family would be sent to the warlord's realm. Hence Sato was forced to give his beloved Chian over to the warlord of his own time.

    Chian, a gentle young girl was terribly anguished at being torn from her father and their peaceful home. The warlord's taskmasters trained her to be a warrior and Chian's hatred of their cruelty and of her father for letting her be taken away motivated her to master the skills of combat.

    Finally, Chian slew three of the taskmasters and fled the warlord's keep, never to return. She spent the next years wandering from place to place as a highly successful mercenary warrior. Eventually, Chian came to the city of the Golden Gate, the leading Atlatean city. There she became the captain of King D'Tiluh's royal guard. She also met Arion the king's chief mage. Chian and Arion became lovers as well as allies and shared many adventures defending Atlantaen civilisation from various threats.


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