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    Lady Bullseye is an assassin that works for the Hand. A former sex slave of the Yakuza, she escaped after Daredevil's enemy Bullseye infiltrated and slaughtered the gang. His martial prowess served as the girl's inspiration.

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    Not too much is known about Lady Bullseye. As a teenage girl, she was one of many female sex slaves of the Yakuza in Tokyo being used, tortured and broken. While being held captive in a cell with other female slaves, she witnessed the assassin known as Bullseye at work. He infiltrated a Yakuza warehouse where he systematically slaughtered numbers of soldiers. When she saw him in action, she had never seen anything so beautiful. She remembers the violence brought upon by Bullseye so vividly and remembers the joy she beheld from her cage while these men were getting killed. She was able to grab a set of keys from a dead soldier and escape from her cell. A Yakuza soldier ordered her back into her cage but she just slashed his neck with the key and watched him die. She vowed from that day on, no man would touch her without permission.

    Years later she was called upon by Lord Hirochi of the Hand and she chose the name of Lady Bullseye for reasons of her own. The Hand is currently at war with itself and Lord Hirochi does not want all he has plan and achieved to fall into ancient feuds. He hired Lady Bullseye as an outsider to help end this conflict. within the group.


    Lady Bullseye was created by writers Ed Brubaker, Marko Djurdjevic and Clay Mann in 2008. She was originally inspired by Lady Snowblood, a manga femme fatal who was set on a task of vengeance for the murder of her family. Lady Bullseye was introduced into the comic book world in Daredevil # 111.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Hand

    Lady Bullseye is currently employed by the Hand and follows the command of Lord Hirochi. Lady Bullseye and the Hand are currently targeting several of New York's skilled fighters including Carlos LaMuerto aka the Black Tarantula and Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist. Lady Bullseye has observed these two fighters from a distance while they are attacked by the Hand ninjas. These skilled fighters are being "tested" by the Hand for reasons unknown at this time. Carlos and an old enemy of the Hand named Master Izo are led to an area by some ninjas. They discover more pictures on a wall that reveal more targets. Their is a picture of Wolverine crossed out by a red X and other fighters like Shang Chi are revealed.

    Lord Hirochi wants Matt Murdock to be kept away from their business before they can risk exposure. Lady Bullseye took matters into her own hands by framing Daredevil for murder after killing two street thugs and forcing a witness to tell the police and media that Daredevil was the killer. She tells Lord Hirochi that Matt Murdock was too close to those Hirochi wanted tested and had to be distracted. She then promises on her life that she would make certain that Murdock is prepared for the gift Hirochi and the Hand will bring him. Daredevil would meet Lady Bullseye on a stormy night on a building rooftop. After a brief skirmish, she reveals to Daredevil that her and the Hand are targeting Murdock's family and friends. Daredevil is suddenly surrounded by numerous ninjas and is attacked. Master Izo would soon arrive and help Daredevil take out the ninjas. Lady Bullseye has escaped to take care of another issue. A friend of Matt Murdock named Angela Del Toro aka the White Tiger would be one of Lady Bullseye's latest victims. She comes home after a long night and comes across Lady Bullseye and some ninjas. Lady Bullseye stabs White Tiger through the chest, apparently killing White Tiger.

    It was later revealed that the Hand turned White Tiger into one of their 'puppet' and soon they went after Black Tarantula who also was turned after being killed.Eventually Daredevil faced and battled Lady Bullseye who revealed that all of this was just a trial, test to have Daredevil as the new Supreme Leader of the Hand.

    Days later after being attacked by the Hand, Wilson Fisk aka. The Kingpin of Crime returned to New York City to end their and for a short period of time he even teamed up with Matt Murdock alias Daredevil.Turned out that Lady Bullseye was hired by the Owl who was rescued from prison and now worked for the Kingpin.After a brutal fight with Daredevil-Owl-Lady Bullseye and the Kingpin of Crime, Kingpin and Lady Bullseye flee from the scene.


    During the "Shadowland" story arc, Lady Bullseye is still working for Wilson Fisk as his right hand.


    Lady Bullseye, along with various other assassins, is hired by the Guild of Assassins to kill Cape Crow, a retired assassin. She clashes with Elektra, who is trying to protect him, and Elektra defeats her after a close fight. Left for dead, Lady Bullseye is then captured by Bloody Lips, another assassin, who is able to absorb people's abilities by eating parts of them. He eats part of Lady Bullseye and absorbs her abilities.

    Her new gaseous form
    Her new gaseous form

    He brings her along in his ship as he follows Elektra to the Arctic. Elektra defeats Blood Lips and Lady Bullseye escapes from the ship into the cold of the Arctic. At death's door from her fight with Elektra, being partially eaten by Bloody Lips, and being in the Arctic with no cold weather gear, she calls on the Guild of Assassins to rescue her.

    They bring her back to their base and heal her, but since she has no money, she agrees to pay by allowing them to inject her with an experimental treatment that gives her new powers.

    Now able to turn into gaseous form, she once again confronts Elektra, but Elektra is able to trick her into turning solid and seemingly kills her.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lady Bullseye is an assassin highly skilled in hand to hand combat. She has been trained in many forms of martial arts and is skilled with various weapons from the East. She also has the ability to remain extremely calm under stressful conditions. Daredevil has a hard time anticipating her moves and gauging her speed because she remains so calm.

    She was given the ability to turn all or parts of her body into gaseous form by the Guild of Assassins. She can change from one state to the other very quickly. However Elektra was able to wound her by inhaling part of her face, so apparently she must retain all of her molecules.

    Other Media


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Lady Bullseye appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Twisted Outlook] Lady Bullseye
    • [Hand Agent] Lady Bullseye
    • [Survivor] Lady Bullseye

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