How tough is Lady Blackhawk?

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I've read that Lady Blackhawk's main job is that of the Birds of Prey's Aviator, but that she also possesses great markmanship and combat skills.  That being said, how skillful/tough is Lady Blackhawk compared to the other members of her team?  Like, is she on par with Huntress or Black Canary?

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First, let me say I love Lady Blackhawk with all my heart.  I think she is an awesome character.  That said, I have to admit that she is not on par with Canary or Huntress.  Canary's fighting skills rank pretty high in the DCU, and Huntress has some pretty extensive training, too.  Lady Blackhawk is more of a brawler.  She could dish out major punishment in a bar fight (see Birds of Prey #112) and walk away without a scratch.  She pummeled Huntress once (BoP #116), but only because she was under mind control and Huntress was holding back.  She is a tough lady, without a doubt, just not a skilled marital artist.  That said, she was a combat pilot in World War II, which takes different kinds of combat skills,   
And she does it all in a tiny miniskirt, which is no small accomplishment...













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The other members of the Birds of Prey are more skilled fighters.  I've never been a huge fan of her

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Anyone who can survive a world war deserves some credit.  I don't know her character too well, but I think her fighting skills are more than enough to help her against enemies... but Black Canary and Huntress are much more experienced in hand-to-hand combat.  Though Zinda is definitely one of the best pilots ever! 

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Fresh out of BoP #5 

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You know, if you actually stop & think about it, to say that any super hero is a better fighter than any military trained person is an insult to that military.

I mean, her military training should be better than anything Black Canary has. She has what, training from a regular cop father? & Wildcat, a boxer, or you could say a professional brawler.

Huntress, even less so. She'd have mafia based street fighting.

I would say Lady B would be the BEST of them, maybe second ONLY to Oracle, & thats only cause she'd have the best training that Bruce's money could buy. Or criminal money she hacked out of some bank accounts.

How many heroes have "olypmpic" level training, yet they are at a higher level than other olympic athletes. Its not the military training that makes Lady B at a lower level than Canary or Huntress, its the writer(s)

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@COBRAMORPH: I think you are severely underestimating the training and skills that Black Canary and Huntress have. First of all, Black Canary IS one of the best fighters in the DCU, through her own work and training with Wildcat. Ted Grant is a master of more than just boxing (the list you can read here on his page here at comicvine), is also a pilot during WWII and for the JSA. Black Canary has held her own or defeated some very dangerous martial artists in the world, this list including Lady Shiva who she traded places with so, while Shiva served on the Birds, Dinah went through Shiva's training.

Huntress is also an exceptional combatant. She has a great level of natural tenacity in a fight, something that gained Shiva's respect when Helena stepped in for Dinah to fight her during the last pre-New 52 BoP volume, as well as natural skill for combat. While not the most skilled fighter, what Helena brings to the table has kept her not only alive, but let her overcome better fighters than her, although Dinah still outstrips her by a fairly large margin.

You rank Barbara as the highest? The first time that Helena and Barbara met when the ladder was still Batgirl, Huntress beat her in three pages beat her easily. Here is a link so you can see the fight itself: Barbara was never that good of a fighter, even though Batman trained her some, she just didn't take to it and the jobbing Nightwing did to her during her New 52 book was just Simone trying to make Barbara better than she is. Her best skills always lay with her mind, but never H2H.

The training that Zinda has from serving in the military is WWII is based on quick and effective techniques designed to take a foe down quickly yes, but there is something that you have to remember: Dinah, Helena, nor Babs use the "sport" versions of their martial arts. They know the true deal and they also use was works from what they know. Zinda can take a blow, she and throw a mean punch, but against her two fellows in Dinah and Helena, she falls decidedly short of being able to beat them and against Dinah would be lucky to land a hit.

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@phoenixdiamond616 said:

Lady Blackhawk is one of my favorite characters of the comics, I know things about her that I really like. Thanks to this, I know that Lady Blackhawk was obviously trained for the Blackhawks, and they're kind of soldiers. I've seen soldiers training, but they doesn't have training in Martial Arts, only in H2H combat.

Zinda is more like a bar killer and a skilled acrobat (I'm saying that she is a good acrobat because she was able of hold her in a moving train::

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), and once she had the capacity of take down Huntress, but doesn't mean that can do it again:

No Caption Provided

In fact, she has improved her martial skills because she had training with the Birds of Prey, but it doesn't make her the greatest martial artist ever:

She is very good H2H combatant, and can do flips from horse to horse (this helps in her flexibility / ability fighting), but it doesn't means that is a great martial artist.

Plus: Thanks to her aviation skills, her aim, her acrobat abilities and her own H2H skills, she is in Melinda May's skills level (and Melinda May is very good in fights, in aviation (not as good as Zinda) and has a good aim).

PS: She is not, just the pilot...

Here are some Zinda impressive skills:

No Caption Provided

She is a bar fighter.

No Caption Provided
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No Caption Provided

Her and Huntress vs assasins

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Here she demonstrates her aim and H2H skills.

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No Caption Provided

Here she beats Huntress.

This is everything (I didn't put her aviation skills, but if you like see them, here is the link:

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