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    Lacuna is a mutant who could stop time for various effects. She is one of the only mutant characters from the X-Statix series who wasn't killed off. She currently hosts a celebrity gossip show.

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    Lacuna was originally named Woodstock. She's the daughter of two wealthy, extremely liberal former hippies. She often tried to rebel against her parents, but they were so open-minded that they would immediately accept and support whatever she tried to do. In one example, she decides to give her dinner to homeless people but is stymied by the fact that there are none actually close by. Woodstock grew up in Los Angeles, where she became familiar with the exploits of X-Statix, then still known as X-Force.


    Lacuna was created by writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred and she first appeared in X-Force #121 released in 2001.

    Major Story Arcs

    (Trying to) Join X-Force

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    She attempts to join the team after using her powers to pull benign pranks on them. She would paint her name in odd spots, don them in fancy hats without them noticing, and in one instance, filling a pool with live fish while people were in it. This only serves to annoy the team. A threat to throw herself into boiling water (a pool heated by Anarchist) did little to convince the team she should join.

    Determined to prove herself to the team, she makes an appearance on Larry King Live, which was being guest-hosted by U-Go Girl. She embarrasses the team by stripping them down to their underwear on camera. This catches the eye of television producers. Lacuna was finally welcomed to join X-Force, but declined at the last minute so that she could star on her own television show, Lacuna and the Stars, in which she would use her powers to spy on celebrities and learn their secrets. This finally disappoints her parents, which pleases Lacuna to no end.

    Lacuna and Showbizz

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    Eager for ratings, Lacuna made the mistake of unmasking an all new X-Statix member, The Mysterious Fanboy, on her show, which revealed his identity as the homicidal, reality-warping mutant Arnie Lunt, who had been blackmailing the team for membership. This results in public outrage against the X-Statix team. The team leader Orphan meets up with Lacuna and demands her help in getting rid of Arnie, and placing the blame of the fiasco on her. Reluctantly agreeing, she uses her powers to kill him in what would appear to be a natural heart attack.

    In spite of this, Lacuna later became rather infatuated with Orphan. She gave information to him that revealed that the team's owner, Spike Freeman, had ties to Saddam Hussein. She was shot in an attempt to prevent the information from leaking, and was put into a coma. In a failed attempt to prevent this, Orphan kills Spike Freeman. Later, however, she was revived on-camera by a faith healer in an attempt to boost ratings for her show.


    It is unknown if she retains her mutant powers after M-Day.

    Powers and Abilities

    Slipping through the cracks
    Slipping through the cracks

    Lacuna's mutant power is the ability to stop time for everyone but herself. Because time is stopped, she can essentially enter and leave places, move objects, and even undress people without anyone noticing she was ever there.

    Since she is able to undress people and subsequently redress them, this implies she can safely move parts of people's bodies from their frozen position.

    At one point she uses her power to inject someone with a needle without that person noticing the injection, much less the fact that time had stopped.

    When she first tells her parents of her mutant power, she describes it as slipping between cracks in time.

    Whenever she is shown using her power, it is usually for frivolous means such as humiliating or harassing others rather than for fighting evil.


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