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An attorney with a non-profit civil liberties group called The Peoples Movement, she helped the poor and down trodden fight the institutions. After winning a huge case for the clients against a major zaibatsa, causing the corporation to pay out a huge remuneration package, the people in her organization were brutally murdered in one day as examples to others. Finally they came for her and threatened her with the murder of her family and friends if she did not co-operate. To late she realized she was being controlled by a low level telepath. She tried to escape receiving a shot in the back for her efforts. As her attackers came closer for the kill shot they were attacked and brutally slain by a female vampire. The vampire offered to save Bekka at a price. The last thing Bekka saw in her warm life was the vampires fangs going to her throat.

When she woke she was told she needed a new shadow life name and she chose Lachryma. She found out her "saviors" name was Sister Lucia of the Sisterhood of Tears, an ancient holy order of vampires. She told Lachryma of the days of heroes and of the Sisterhoods decline in members. Sister Lucia trained Lachryma in the use of her new abilities, such as seducing the living and supping just enough to sustain herself without killing them. Before leaving to continue her search out and reunite the Sisterhood, Sister Lucia asked Lachryma if she would like to join her, Lachryma declines wanting to follow in the footsteps of the heroes she's heard talk of. She lets them stalk the daylight as she stalks the night trying to prove that not all vampires are evil.

Powers and Abilities:

Lachryma, it could be assumed, has all the regular powers and abilities as most vampires including the ability to bend light to avoid mirrors and lenses. However it is know that motion and pressure sensors can still detect her.

She has the ability to phase her form into animals, most notably a human bat-like creature. She is also able to survive a fall from a great height.


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