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The daughter of a jeweller from Bilbao, Spain, an infant La Sangre was travelling with her parents on a boat to Africa in 1854. The ship was waylaid by pirates and her parents were slaughtered by the brigands, who were also vampires. She was attacked and bitten by one of the vampires, but before she could be killed she was rescued by fellow passenger Shade, who sucked much of the vampire venom from her body, leaving her with a weakened form of vampirism. He protected the child, and returned her to Spain. She ceased aging normally around fifteen years of age.


La Sangre was created by James Robinson and Renato Guedes. She made her first appearance in Superman #689

Major Story Arcs

The Tourist

Living in Barcelona and acting as the city's protector, La Sangre encounters Mon-El, who is travelling the world. Together, they defeat a group of Basque separatists.

The Inquisitor

La Sangre is visited in Barcelona by the Shade, who she refers to as her father despite his protests. He joins her as she battles Los Tomadores, a terroristic group. After defeating Los Tomadores, he requests a phial of his blood from her collection. She takes him to her home to get it, but once there finds that an old enemy, The Inquisitor, has returned to the city, and intends to kill twenty-five hostages should she fail to turn herself in to him. Though initially reluctant to allow the Shade to help her fight her battles, she allows him to join her as they attempt to track the Inquisitor. They are able to locate him in the Sagrada Família, and La Sangre engages him in a fight, during which it is revealed that he intends to set off a soul bomb that will steal the souls of all the inhabitants of Barcelona. She is able to defeat him and his plot with the assistance of the Shade.

Powers and Abilities

As a vampire, La Sangre possesses all the powers inherent to her kind, including enhanced speed, strength and regenerative capabilities. She is also functionally immortal, and ceased aging naturally around the age of fifteen. Due to having a weakened form of vampirism, the weaknesses of the vampire are less pronounced in her, such as sunlight aversion and blood hunger. She is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and possesses some acrobatic and gymnastic prowess.


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