La Salamanca

    Character » La Salamanca appears in 10 issues.

    Sorcerer who has control over the elements. She can leave her body as an astral form for three hours. She's also part of the Super-Malon - an Argentinian group of superheroes.

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    The woman who is known to the Argentine people as la Salamanca has purposedly shrouded her origins in mystery. Other than taking her name with the secrecy and paranoia characteristic of many practitioners of magic, who cannot let their true names be known for fear of being controlled by an enemy.

    In Salamanca's case, this is all too possible. The sorcerer Gualicho had imprisioned her and the other members of her team in an alternative parallel dimension. Only by using one of her special powers to contact the Flash did they have any hope of rescue. That power was the ability to leave her corporeal form and roam the world as her spirit self.

    Salamanca, named after a supernatural location in Argentinian folklore, she is the leader of the Argentinian Super-hero group SUPER-MALON. Together with fellow heroes Pampero, Cachiru, El Lobizon, Vizacacha, El Bagual, El Yaguarete and Cimarron, she uses her incredible mastery over the weather to combat threats to her home country.

    Salamanca is a romantic at heart, and holds out hope that one day she and Cachiru will be able to rekindle their love.

    NATIONALITY: Argentine

    HEIGHT: 5'10''

    WEIGHT: 120 lbs

    HAIR: Black

    EYES: Black

    Powers and Abilities

    Salamanca is primarily a witch who controls the elements and can astrally project her spirit self. She would be comparable and about equal to the magic of Zatanna. Her astral form can be separated from body for three hours.


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