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La is created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and appeared in five Tarzan novels: The Return of Tarzan, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, Tarzan and the Golden Lion, Tarzan the Invincible and Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins, with Jad-Bal-Ja, the Golden Lion and of course their comic adaptations.

Disney Version

La appeared as a antagonist in Legend of Tarzan Tv Series. This version differs from the original. Her appearance is that of a African woman with white hair, and cyan colored eyes. La was originally part of the Waziri tribe. She was exiled for using forbidden magic. La created her Kingdom, where she turns leopards into leopard men. She has her sights set on Tarzan just like in the novel. She tried to kill Jane, and take Tarzan for herself. La is cruel, self absorbed, stubborn, delusional, seductive, and manipulative. She has a magical staff that grants her various powerful abilities.

The magical staff grants her:

  • Teleportation
  • Energy Projection
  • Can summon rain
  • Animate Statues
  • Can turn leopards to leopard men
  • Can repaierher damage Kingdom
  • Can turn humans to animals

La can be destroyed if her staff is broken, and reverses many of her spells effects.

Queen La's spirit has the power of possession, like she possessed Jane Porter.


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