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A Russian organizzation, born in the '90s, at the end of the Soviet, for control and study a large grup of people contaminated by the radiation of a nuclear breakdown.

It's base of operation is in Siberia, in the so-called "Cittadella degli Speciali" [Citadel of Specials], a large prison-camp where the contaminated person was imprisoned and studied.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Division start to being corrupted by individual and capitalistic interest, but the Specials, guided by the mind-controlling Artiglio [Claw] destroy the directive and conquer the organizzation. Being the Leader of La Divisione, Artiglio make up he's own personal super-criminal organizzation.

From this moment, there is no news about the activities of La Divisione

About 13 years after the Special take over, La Divisione reappears in Trieste, searching for the only two "born specials", the sons of Andreji e Yelena, but now, Artiglio is no more in charge of the whole organization. The new supreme leader or La Divisione is Yelena itself.

Note About the Symbol

The symbol of the division is Russian, and was used by the Soviet Government to mark the Specials Inmate, in a way much similar to that used by the nazi to march jews with the "David Star". So the symbol can be usually be seen on the inmate prison suite, or on the constume of "active" Special, including the hero of the story, Michele Silenzi. Only afte the conquering of the organization from the Specials, the simbol become the simbol of the La Divisione, maybe as a symbol of pride.


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