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    Enemy of Blue Beetle

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    To the common people, La Dama is nothing but an Urban Legend. A big bad that American and Mexican cops could blame if something went wrong. But to the ones that crossed her, she is very real. La Dama is the aunt of Jaime Reyes' friend Brenda . The Blue Beetle and La Dama know each others' secret identities though Brenda does not know that her aunt is a crime lord.

    Major Story Arcs


    For more information see: Shellshocked

    During the events of One year Later, Amparo adopts her niece Brenda. In addition to her personal life she works on capturing as many magic using teens as she can. She then transports these teens to a holding facility called Warehouse 13. When she sends one of her agents, Diviner to kidnap Alina, a very magical baby, she catches the attention of Blue Beetle.

    She is then present when Blue Beetle and the Posse attack Warehouse 13. Then when the Phantom Stranger arrives at Warehouse 13, La Dama tells him that the magic teens are free to leave and he believes her. She then tries a talk with Blue Beetle but is interrupted by Peacemaker

    New 52 Blue Beetle

    For more information see: Blue Beetle

    La Dama hired Coyote, Brutale, and Rompe Huesus to pick up the Blue Scarab that La Dama had found and purchased for her rare item collection. While her crew is on their mission La Dama is throwing a Quinceanera for her niece Brenda at her mansion. The party is interrupted when the Blue Beetle shows up with Paco. Beetle tries to explain what's happening but instead throws up on La Dama's shoes and flies away. La Dama then learns that her team has failed and kills Coyote and uses his blood to see where the Beetle has gone.

    Then when Paco is taken to the hospital for the wound caused by Jamie, La Dama is there to confront the teen. She tricks him into going back to her office where she uses a magic rug made out of "Ritually blinded orphan hair" to bind him in the room. Jamie is able to escape but the magic in the rug is damaged and the spell makes the house along with La Dama disappear.


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